No "creative" title this tiam. 8D
Another pro-longed blog. Which means either I am slacking, or the internet is slacking. The answer? Both! 8D
The first day was half boring, waiting to go to the Olympic swiming pool place thingy. But because the water is 2m deep, you need to take some test for a deep water swimming pass. Oh and it gets better, you needa friking picture taken, and the test is only at NIGHT. Damnit, I’m only going to swim there once! >.> Then we cut that idea and went to some huge arse shopping AREA(not centre) with my cousin + aunt for olike 7 hours. And shopping was actually…-gulp- fun. ><
Yesterday was BORING. srsly. I woke up at 10:30, and my cousin had class, so we waited for him to come back; which was at 1. Then eating lunch took half an hour, then my aunt + cousin got suddenly addicted to my DS. just because it had Taiko. gg. I went back to my grandparent’s house that day, and played CS with mah cousin ’til 9. 8D
Today wasn’t much better, went to visit some really long distance realitives of my dad. AllI did was get there and sit there for like 5 hours. Boring. SRSLY! AJHSSKDJAHSKDHAKSD. It would probably be more fun kicking myself. >.>
Going to China means I’ll be coming back with like 19230910923581029 times for clothes. Most of them I probably wil never get time to wear, unless I wear 5 shirts, 2 shoes and 3 pants a day. >.>