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Well screw you WordPress. I don’t like losing my work. Something about writing it as it happened was something new and exciting for me. Especially since it was a post primarily driven by emotion. Some anger, happiness and sadness all in one. Also I posted pictures of food. Don’t even remember which ones I posted.

What a bother.

Sure sucks.

Kind of hurts.


You know, I’m probably never going to publish via my phone again, without having a copy-pasted backup. Especially from a local draft. Maybe I’ll use a tablet and type on Word instead. Hell I’m going to save this draft right now as online version, and copy paste it into my Word application.

I did just that.

I’m not letting WordPress cause me that kind of pain again.

Pain really teaches you something. This time, it taught me (once again) to not rely solely on technology and to create backups. Specifically, it taught me to make precautions to not lose my local drafts again.

Of course I’ll probably eventually lose another draft via mobile again, and I’ll learn this lesson once again. Then I’ll change my behavior again to try and remove the possibility of this pain.

When you think about it, pain is probably one of the stronger feelings. It motivates you to change, to learn, to conquer. Going through a traumatic event can alter how you think. The pain of suffering from defeat can inspire one for victory next time. Experiencing death of a loved one by unfair measures can start a campaign for worldwide justice. Even the annoyance of a flu can cause the creation of the vaccine.

Its more powerful than happiness or joy. Being happy from acing that test will make you more likely to try just as hard again for the next one, but feeling the suffering can propel you to try harder or something new to change the results.

When WordPress first lost my drafts during publishing on the browser I started to copy-paste my final work before publishing, in case it disappeared again. When that messed up, I evaluated what I could do further. Either I could make backups, write on Word, or try another platform. I gave other platforms a shot (which I wrote a blog about but its still a draft…), tried writing on Word first, and I didn’t like either. Instead I just started saving my drafts more often, so I would mitigate damages when WordPress messed up.

The grief and pain from my data loss caused me to change my behavior to prevent further pain from the same cause. I didn’t think about change when I was successfully posting content, as it wouldn’t be relevant.

Pain does a lot more than just solve small tech issues. It helped me remember better. The tests I’ve done poorly on, the painful words I’ve been told, and the sad truths I had to learn are remembered more fondly than those normal days, and more often than the happy days. More times do I remember being told to stand outside the house door for a few hours instead of when I was got Pokemon Crystal as a present. My memory of punishment served as an incentive for me to not repeat that failure. Of course I ended up falling flat on my face many more times, but the memory helped to revitalize my motivation to try again.

Of course, its not always positive sunshine and rainbows with pain. I mean there’s a reason why pain isn’t a pleasant thing. It’s not something people chase after (usually). It is heavily dependent on how you deal with the pain, though as lot of things are like that. Depending how you take the failure, you can either never want to do it again, or want to try harder next time.

And then the effect doesn’t last forever.

Someday I’m going to forget how much it hurt to lose it.

Someday I’m going to type on my phone again (probably soon since it’s so much more convenient [also my other writing app is pretty bad]).

Someday I’ll lose data again.

Then I’ll be upset again, and wonder why I never learned my lesson the first time.

Maybe I just trusted that the issue has been fixed. Maybe I just believed I wouldn’t be that unlucky to get it done to me twice. Maybe I secretly like to be upset.

Who knows.

But eventually I’ll forget. After using it as a lesson to better myself, I’ll come back, trip up again, and repeat history.


I’m going to try to have at least a post each week with a picture.

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