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The Secret CG for 100%-ing the game.

The Secret CG for 100%-ing the game.

I guess I should first apologize for having a spoiler before the usually “read more” cut-off.

But I don’t really care, it’s just a nice reward for playing their game, and not an actual story spoiler. Bite me.

I should start with why, after a bit over 5 years, I am making another post about this game.

Well, it’s because (like I promised 5 years ago!) that I would 100% this game.


So I did.

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Has an incredibly interesting story.

Well, to me at least. It might be because of personal affairs, but really it is.

Only Emi’s route though. I haven’t played the rest of them to really be sure. : )

If you feel like playing this game, and prefer not to have some parts spoiled… I suggest not reading this blog. Continue reading