Huzzah, today was my lsat FULL day in China. Which leaves me with a half day tomorrow. Oh bby.
I’ve REALLY had no wanting to blog during trhe summmer, even more when I’m in China and the typos, flies, and heat gets to me. Thus my lack of blogs. Huzzah.
But I do remember one thing I wanted to build on, and that was after paying a visit to my grandfather’s(dad’s side) grave. He died a few yearsa before I was born, so I haven’t seen him before. But I believe that when paying visits to graves, to burn paper and spray wine, we should do it with a smile. Because if he/she is looking at us from the heavens, how would they feel when they see everyone with depressed faces when visiting them, it doesn’t help the mood at all.
Coming here this year, I’ve learned these things about China.
It’s hot, theres too many people, theres too many cars, way to many taxi’s, a lot of usless buses, and lot of street stores, and it’s very hard to cross the road, even with the light on.
Meh, there won’t be a blog tomorrow because I’ll be FLYINGGGGG then. 8D
I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of things, like visiting tourist sites, and actually shopping e_e". I spent 7 days trapped in my room, and spent 3 days at my Aunt’s (which only 1 day was actually used for something OTHER then stay at home and argue). and I only did have 20 days in china. That cuts my time by 10 days, and 9 of which were wasted away sitting around. the other 10 was spent visiting realitives and my grandmother(dad’s side) every, single, frikin’, time. Damn, we probably spent 150 yuan getting there, and probably spent 2-3 FULL days there.  so basically, we used about 5 days visiting realitives, 1.5 days playing, and 2-3 days wandering aimlessly at shops. >.>
I really should have bought more stuff. We came in with max cargo (4 bags of luggage, 4 handbags) and we’re leaving with 3 cargo and 3 handheld. One handheld being a violin that I can’t pout anywhere else. In reality, we only spent 600-700 yuan. 200 of which were taxi rides, and another 100-200 for food. that leaves about 3-4 hundred for stuff. We didn’t even manage a normal shopping bag of stuff, probably not even half. Maybe next time I’ll over carry.