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Feeling Drained


Regrettable photos.

The photos for this post are scarcely related. Don’t think about it too hard.

I’m incredibly tired right now.

It’s 110% my fault, since I did end up sleeping at 5:40am while trying to wake up at 8. I wondered if I could do it before I went to bed. I believed that I could.

I couldn’t.

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I’ve spent a lot of the last few years (maybe like 5 years now, shit I’m old) thinking about parts I didn’t like about myself, and what I wanted to become more like in order to shore up those ‘weaknesses’. I’ve tried to become more outgoing with things, taking more risks, being more considerate, being more flexible, understanding other perspectives better, handling stressful situations, thinking about things clearer, being patient, and a lot of other things.

Sometimes the best motivation for me were the awful feelings I felt from someone’s comment about me.

Sometimes you just don’t care about others’ feelings.

I don’t want to hear how I could resolve my issue! I just wanted to vent my frustrations!

You’re so annoying. When I say it’s private, it’s private.

I like to think that those comments are made by people who are being ironic, and causes it to lose all value.

But that’s just what I like to think.

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I finally thought I had gotten away from SFU’s Business 202 course about teamwork, communication, character development, personal strengths, and group inclusion.

And I was right.

Commerce 202 (UBC’s course) is a different beast.

A beast focused on resumes, cover letters, interviews, and general job seeking advice.

In fact the only real similarity between the two courses is the course code of ‘202’.

SFU’s is a much more group-oriented course that betters yourself through practicing real world skills, while UBC’s is a self-centered course to better your own chances through experience, and not development.

But what brings me to this blog tonight is there similarity – Personal Profiling.






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