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Facing the Windows

So I was going to discuss the topic I discussed for my Personal Commitment presentation for 395, since it was something that had been on my mind, and there were things I wanted to say about it that I couldn’t really discuss during a presentation. Mostly because it wasn’t relevant.

But then I didn’t feel like it. I mean, I wrote about 1.5k as a script to myself, and then had to read it at least 10 times over, and I absolutely loathe re-reading my own work.

The idea just became a little stale. My ideas became a little less unique. My thoughts became more stubborn.

Maybe another time, I guess. If I remember that is.

Instead, here’s something else I’ve wanted to try. It’s different from what I usually do (I’d like to think). Hopefully it’ll address the point that I wanted it to.

Anyways, don’t get your hopes up. I really suck/hate/dislike this style of writing.  It’s just not me. I can read it how I want it to be written, but I can’t write it how I want it to be spoken.

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Spring Term 2014

The first day of the new term has finally rolled around.


I have some night owl schedule even though I’ve been trying to stray away from that path.

I guess some things just aren’t meant to be. But that’s a quite negative approach, no success ever came without a failure.

Most of the schedule was really my fault – honest.

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