Name: Kevin.
Where: Canada, in a quaint town called Richmond.
The shy, quiet boy in class, out of class, and everywhere in between. The indecisive one, as well as the one discriminated against. Also the insanely lazy, unmotivated and procrastinating one. Way to make myself look good. Is the classroom pessimist, although rarely says anything anyone can hear. The hopeless romanticist; hoping, wishing, and planning, but never executing. Interested in photography (I’m new to this), music and art (as in paintings and such). Not interested in math, physics and marketing, but is much better at them than the arts. Planning to pursue commerce and science. Funny how such a thing goes, eh? Not following my passions, but instead goes for the practical.

A blog is the only place where he explores his thoughts and tries to find simple answers to simple questions. Occasional pieces of fiction will appear as they have before, and so will rants with lots and lots of ‘inappropriate’ language. Be cautioned when reading. The first couple words should tell you if it’s safe, or not. Having a picture usually means it’s safe. The title is usually the point of discussion. Sometimes the title is just there because it needs to be there. Sometimes it’s there, to make a connection to something else.

Kevin is no professional writer, or even a good/above par writer. Never source him for facts, it usually never works in a debate.