Heh, it’s been 4 days since my last blog, but that doesn’t matter right now.
The only thing that DOES matter is what happened during those 4 days of complete torture. It started with a trip to my grandma (Dad’s side). She recently broke her leg and can hardly move at all, but when we(Dad and I) were there, she wasmoving all about the place! Frikkin’ hekkers. :o
Shortly afterwards (Not really, it just SEEMED short, unless 12 hours is short to you) we had to walk to a not-so-close restaurant with my Dad’s sister and brother’s family. aLSdjlkjsad. I HATED eating "real" Chinese hot pot when it’s hot enough to boil yourself outside. Gosh, use some common sense please! D:< But hey, it did taste okay. and the pot isn’t really a pot, as the sides are the only place where you can place your food in to cook, as in the center is a huge pot/stove thing that contains the fire. But it was still okay.
The second day had me ride the bus for an hour and 30 minutes, but for some reason, it didn’t seem that long. We went to seee ANOTHER relative. (dayum, Chinese parents sure like to have children. ><) After a bit of chat on politics, we headed to ANOTHER roasted duck place thing, but this time, it wasn’t OIL OIL OILOILOILOILIOILOILOILIOILOILOILOIOLILOILOILOILOIL! It was actually edible. :D
Yesterday, I had to wake up from my 5 hour, going to be 6 hours sleep, to walk around the Bird’s nest and that place where the swimming events of the 2008 Olympics took place. And we weren’t even allowed to get near it! It’s was frikin’ crowded, and we literally had no place to go. We could’ve gone intothe Bird’s nest, but waiting an hour in the sun to buy 4 tickets to see a stadium, just doesn’t sem to be worth it.
Then I got to stay at mah other cousin’s (Mom’s sister) house for a bit before being forced to go swimming, which I have not done in ages. I didn’t bring swimming gear so I thought I was safe, until they bought and entire set. >.> The water made any clothes that touched it blue, my frikin’ white shirt is half blue now. GOOD GOING!
Only half of the day has gone by as of now, but we woke up at frikin’ 6 am to make or way to the Great Wall. Yeah sure it’s great and all, but I’ve seen it before more then enough and I didn’t really want to climb on "those" parts again. I’m not going to go on more about that because it’s not going to be any good for me. Lets just keep it at this; if your scared of heights, and/or tired easily, this is NOT the palce for you to go. Srsly. D:
OKAY! That should be it and I’ll see you,
-insert rimshot-.
Pstt, this was typed on Aug 12th 4:18 (BeIJING TIME).