Unrelated sunset panorama (maybe it’s symbolic)

It was hard to think of a title for this one, but I think I managed it okay. They’re lyrics from Shelter, but I think it fits fine.

So, today JV, Rachel, & I went to visit Mr. Olson. Allen tried to come, but that didn’t work out. Only 3 people per visit, and you had to arrange them ahead of time.

I had a lot of thoughts about this visit before I had even went.

This is initially started when Iris told most our year of Middle Years/Synergy kids about his cancer. Originally, we were going to all go in one group, as many of us as we could (since at least a third of us aren’t even in BC right now). We started to talk about what we could bring to the visit to make it more memorable. Photo collage? A powerpoint slide with each of us getting a slide? Letters?

All of those ideas became useless once we found out that there was a max capacity of 3 visitors at one time. We all just decided to go our separate ways, and visit him in smaller groups (or by ourselves if we wanted).

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