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Starting a Magical New Cycle

The slight benefit for waking up at 6am for early classes.

The slight benefit for waking up at 6am for early classes.

Last weekend was the Prerelease for the new Magic the Gathering set called Shadows over Innistrad.

What’s a prerelease? I didn’t really know, since I haven’t played Magic in 10 years (if you can even say that I ‘played’ back then, I was just given a free deck by the local game store [THANKS!]). I compared it to Yu-Gi-Oh’s sneakpeek (which I’ve also never been to), where you pay a fee to get 5~ packs of the new set, build a deck with it, and then play in a tournament with that deck, with additional packs as prizes.

My friend linked me an article that gave me some advice about Prereleases. He also linked a very, very informative and helpful series of article which I didn’t read. I wish I read them, since they would have made me feel less overwhelmed during the draft. I was overwhelmed by a different task – groupwork. I was writing and finish my parts to meet my groups’ internal deadlines (in which members for both groups didn’t meet, great).

I was hesitant in attending the Magic event. I didn’t play the game, I was pretty bad at YGO, and card games are quite costly. But I’ll go through those problems later.

Right now, I just need to say that the event was fun. Hell, I even won something (yay!), and talked to some nice people.

Oh, it also was a super low pressure way of networking. I didn’t make a blog post for this, but I went to a lunch event a few weeks ago to try and network. It was pretty much my first every try at it, so it obvious ended pretty poorly. It really let me see how much I needed to improved, and in a way, motivated me to go to more events. Attending the prerelease was basically a pseudo networking event for me. It was just to practice initiating conversation, holding conversations, and trying to be me when I’m with people who I don’t know. I soon forgot that goal, and ironically, probably achieved that goal because of it.

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A Long Road Ahead

Tomorrow’s the first day of school.

Kind of.

It’s ‘Imagine Day’. Basically a tour around campus, not really school time. It won’t be until Wednesday that the true grind starts to come back. Back to the academic focused lifestyle.

However I feel much like an eighth grader entering their new secondary school. Mainly because of UBC actually being a new school for me.

I guess I feel a little excited and nervous. Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s a bad thing.

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