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The Secret CG for 100%-ing the game.

The Secret CG for 100%-ing the game.

I guess I should first apologize for having a spoiler before the usually “read more” cut-off.

But I don’t really care, it’s just a nice reward for playing their game, and not an actual story spoiler. Bite me.

I should start with why, after a bit over 5 years, I am making another post about this game.

Well, it’s because (like I promised 5 years ago!) that I would 100% this game.


So I did.

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5 Years in Retrospect – Nine

Not as nice as 1558, but it will do!

More fireworks for ya.

Before you try to read the mess of a post… have a photo from Taiwan (on new years). I haven’t used any recently so here’s to more usage of them!

Below is the second part of this… ‘series’ (if I can even call it that). Most of the follow is the original things I typed back in September 2013 so it might feel a bit different.

I would read it again and try to fill in additional details and expand on things, but a huge part of why I never published a grade 9 entry was I didn’t feel motivated enough to expand on details, and that I didn’t feel like I could give as much detail as I previously did.  There’s some more, but they aren’t important anymore.

The important thing is why I’m going to try to do this again. Part of it is wanting to finish what I’ve started, but there’s also a tinge of regret for leaving it undone. There’s also the fact that as it gets longer, it becomes harder for me to remember these things, which is why I want to try and get the most out before it’s too late.

Anyways, excuse the opening, the post it is referring to is this post.

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