A fake selfie (I took this) to start out the post.

It’s been a while since my last blog.

To be technically accurate, it’s been 74 days since my last blog, but I really don’t count that as an entry. It was a very forced entry that I did because:

  1. I was feeling upset
  2. I hadn’t made a post in 60 days, and felt that I need to at least post something. I mean if Stephanie can hit her quota of 1 blog/month, I should be able to do the same right?
  3. I was pretty fucking upset.

So if I discount the previous entry, I get a total of 134 days since my previous post.

If you’re wondering why I’ve counted the days, it’s just some mental preparation for my Income Taxation course (COMM355), where my prof told us today that while the textbook will ask us the interest charge based on months, and sometimes even quarters, he expects us to do it by days, since the real world uses days. I guess it makes sense. No reasonable accountant will continue to get work if they make mistakes on the amount someone has to pay if they use months instead of exact days. The CRA’s not too nice about money yet to be collected. In fact, I’ve seen some of it second hand from my mom’s public practice. It is actually quite cruel, and is very disheartening.

Should I even go over why I haven’t made a blog in a long time? I seem to recall doing that many, many, many times. Especially when I have a long duration between the posts. Anyways, lets just do some recap of events real quick (not really).

Passed My Real Estate Licensing Exam

This was the main thing I had been stressing over during this summer. Legitimately only having the option to finish the course in the shortest possible time in order to make the next scheduled was not too fun. During most of May, I had let the assignments slowly pile up as I did not make my quota of 2 assignments per week.


There seems to be a sudden spike of assignments being completed as the deadline of August 1st approaches…

As you can see in the image, more than half of my assignments were finished in July… For a course where only 8 of my 20 assignments should be done in July, I had a lot of catching up to do. When the exam actually arrived in September, I was not prepared. I had two weeks between my Astronomy course’s final, and this exam. Yet I used a total of 1 day before the exam to start studying. I’ve become fond of making notes of my existing notes to prepare myself a little review package before the exam, and this time I wasn’t even able to cover half the textbook before my exam started. In fact, I was sitting on the ground 30 minutes before the exam started, still desperately writing into my notepad, even though it was quite pointless at that time.

The exam itself was quite normal. As expected, only have been able to review the first half of the textbook, and relying on month-old memories of the latter half, did not produce great results. On their exam review sheet after I received my marks, the first few sections I got 80-90% of the questions correct. Then you look down at the latter sections, and the accuracy drops to 60%, then 40%, and then back to 60%. It was a miracle I was able to pass (with 67%! 2% above the cut-off) the exam like that. I got a total of 30% of the calculation questions correct. I, for the life of me, could not remember how to use the damned financial calculator. Which wouldn’t be much of a loss, except it seems I need to use it for Corporate Finance this term, great.


Looks better in person.

UBC even sent me a pretty certificate for passing their exam. Hopefully, I’m not revealing information people aren’t supposed to know about my certificate, but I cut off the #’s of the certificate, so we should be good.

Winter Term Has Started

As if my days could be more free.

As if my days could be more free.

School’s on! That mean’s I’m back to going to class and not paying attention to lectures. My schedule this time is easy. Wait, hold on, I can do better.

This shit is





Well, Financial Accounting II (COMM 450) is just as boring as Financial I, but the lecture room is more spread out so it’s super easy to sit near the front and doze off. In fact, I frequently slip into a world of my own reading something on my phone or just thinking about something. The professor’s voice just holds no control over me. It slowly is becoming the buzzing background noise. I’m not sure how much it is the fault of the professor, but damn this content is boring as hell.

Income Tax is much more fun. Even though the content is pretty boring (well not really to me, I actually find it interesting), the professor is great. He makes it a lot more lively, and entertaining to listen in class. He’s also super knowledgeable and experienced, and loves to randomly take us on a trip into the past where he goes over his experiences. I enjoy attending the class, even though I don’t enjoy having to lug that stupid ass income tax act, which is basically a phone book, only instead of having phone numbers, it has legal speak. Much worse. I’ve been forgetting assignments and readings the last few weeks. I guess I’m really not really adjusted to school yet, though it’s only a matter of time. Though that time could be until Spring’s term.

Somehow I Win Games at MTG Events

I’m still surprised every time I win a game. I made a post back in April about my experience with Shadows over Innistrad’s pre-release event. Since then, I’ve attending one SoI booster draft (in which I didn’t even know what cards were good beyond Avacyn & planeswalkers), Eldritch Moon’s pre-release, and the most recent Kaladesh pre-release. Except for Kaladesh, I’ve somehow managed to sneak into the prize pot. That’s completely beyond me, because as someone who knows very little about the released cards, and has a general unfamiliarity of how the game plays, it shouldn’t happen that I win games. In fact, Kaladesh is the only pre-release where I think justice was served. Kaladesh was the one where I spent the most effort into learning and remembering (!) the cards each colour had. I had something I wanted to pull from the packs, and I had a small guess on how the meta was like. I even hit all the goals I had for the event too. I felt much more prepared for the draft of the deck, I pulled the only card I wanted (Nissa, Vital Force), and felt like I improved as a player (combat tricks, timings, and being able to see misplays). And even with all of that, it was the worse I’ve ever performed at any event. I went 1-3, winning my first match 2-0, then proceeded to lose the next two matches 0-2. In my last game, I was pretty down on myself, and just played very casually. It was a 1-2 loss, but it was a pretty quick game.

Just for my own improvement, I’m going to review the games I played.

Match 1 was pretty easy. My opponent just didn’t have more than 2 creatures at any point in time, and I just rolled him over.

How can a legendary flagship be piloted by robot and a dwarf?

Match 2 was harder. I was somehow placed at table 4 (where the good players are !!!), and got destroyed. Game 1 was relatively close in terms of health, but after I played Nissa, I didn’t draw anything of use, and lost. Game 2, I drew a total of 5 lands in 7 draws, and pretty much died. I tried to start a comeback, but Mr. Flagship was having none of that. I thought it was just a Fire Elemental from Hearthstone that did 3 damage when it came into play, but then it turns out it did it every time it attacked and I just conceded.

Match 3 was sad. Game 1 was a small repeat of match 2, game 2, where I only drew lands for multiple turns. My opponent had some slow card that took many turns to build up, and I let him do that since I could play nothing else. After that game, I cut 1 land for a card, hoping it would improve my chance to draw a non-land card, and get to play something. Game 2 starts up, and my first hand has 5 lands out of 7, and two high mana cost cards. I mulligan again, and I have 1 land in my hand. I decide I don’t want to go to 5 cards, and play with the 1 land. I then proceed to get my wish from the previous game, and draw 1 land in 6 turns. I die with 2 lands played, and a hand full of 3 or higher mana cost cards. It’s sad since 40% of my decks spells were 2 and below. Oh well.

Match 4, I played against someone I sat near all throughout the event. I even talked to them at some point. He knew the kind of deck I had, since he watched me play multiple games. I in turn knew nothing about his deck, since I didn’t watch him play at all, it was always the other way around. Anyways, game 1 starts and I remember just dying to small fliers and 1/1 tokens. I didn’t draw any big creatures, and my pool didn’t have any aoe removal for his multiple tokens. Game 2 I win through trample effects attacking into his 1/1 counters. Game 3, I try to double down on my previous strategy of using trample effects, but I didn’t have enough damage in the end to finish him. In highsight, maybe I should have blocked his 2nd last attacks, and then attacked, as it would let me survive an additional turn. Oh well.

In total, I only got to play my Nissa once. I was so sad. I had many of my games ruined by drawing/not drawing lands. I thought I drafted a better deck this time, with a clearer goal than before, since I actually knew what the cards I drafted did, and did not just rely on a pro’s rating of each card. Oh well, I think I’m going to buy into standard format once a few weeks pass after Kaladesh becomes legal in standard. I just love Nissa that much.

Those Summer Goals

I had a few goals when the summer started.

  1. Get a job
  2. Take a course online
  3. Develop hobbies (I had Smash in mind)
  4. Try to do some networking for CPA Recruit (this one was added later into summer)

I can safely say that I failed in most of these.

I did not get a job.

I did finish my online astronomy course (with an A-!, I thought I was going to fail the final), and pass my real estate licensing exam.

I did develop some hobbies (Magic), but not the one I had planned (Smash). I did attend 2 tournaments for Smash during this time, and it was quite fun. I went 1-5 (or was it 1-6) in pools in one, and then went 0-4 in another (I had another match to play, but it didn’t influence pool results so whatever). The second one (0-4) was more enjoyable, as the environment was more casual. It was just a small local, and not anywhere close to the regional the first one (1-5/1-6) was. I got to play some casual games with others during the second one, and I felt a desire to actually improve at the game, since there was so many obvious mistakes I had made, beyond just being unfamiliar with any tech skill. I was going to get a CRT for melee, but I didn’t. I couldn’t imagine what my mother would say, and do to me when she finds out I brought home and old-ass TV to play video games on.

I did do some networking for CPA recruit, though that was basically in September, not so much summer anymore.

I had got a meeting with someone who worked at the CRA office in Vancouver, but the first attempt at meeting them didn’t go well as they had a meeting to went 1-2 hours extra. They said to contact them again in June, but when I did, they never replied. I didn’t think it was worth trying to contact them again, and it was very evident they didn’t want to do this, even though I got a referral from one of their good friends. Just happens, I guess.



I haven’t really done much in the beginning of the year, so during the summer, I really wanted to do a lot more. I did end up going outside a few times to take pictures, but it was nothing special.


Love this one.

img_2252 img_2314

I brought it hiking with me during this one time JV got us to go outside (never again, except maybe again). I took it out when I went on a walk for Pokemon Go (which I’ve stopped playing).

img_2346 img_2395

Finally, I brought it with me to Steveston Dragonboat Festival, though it was really awkward since there wasn’t much to photograph. It’s surprisingly hard to get photos of the actual race, even though you’re so close. It’s just not close enough to get any shots outside of something like this:

Not very exciting.

Not very exciting.

It would be a different story if I could take photos while on the boat, but then how would we do well in the race? Tough choices, man.

Birthday Presents

Even though my birthday was back in April, I’ve received a number of birthday presents during the summer.

One was a beautiful fountain pen.

Another was a cute Lucina figma.

A set of speakers was the third (no photos of them).



The pen was something I had been eyeing for a while. I never had a legitimate reason to go purchase another fountain pen, especially one as pricey as the Captain’s Commission. Not only was it in pounds, but the shipping from Europe would have been crazy awful. I’ve been getting by through ordering from Canadian stores (Wonder Pens!), or places with cheap shipping (Pen Chalet). I also wasn’t putting to good use the other pens I had recently acquired (Levenger ones). I was also super tempted to get this in a nib that wouldn’t fit daily writing use, but instead in italic or cursive.


I was quite surprised to receive this really. While I have talked about how lovely this pen was, I’ve also talked about how little I’ve been using my pens. Though after receiving the Captain’s Commission, I quickly inked it up, and tried to write a lot of random things. As you can see in the picture, I got a medium cursive nib, and had my curiosity of cursive nibs satisfied.


I can’t believe they’ve made 244 figures before this. What a history.

Onto Lucina. If I was surprised by the Captain’s Comission, I was even more surprised by Lucina. While she is definitely one of my favourite fictional female characters, I couldn’t predict receiving something about her.

img_2449 img_2472

Nintendo seal of approval!

Nintendo seal of approval!

I might as well take this time to do a small review of the product. Lucina comes with with 2 faces, 2 hair styles (long & short), and a mask/without mask front hair option. She also comes with a sword (the Parallel Falchion), and a sheathed version of it. There’s also a transparent plastic stand to hold her up. It’s pretty cool. I’ve never owned a figma before, so I wouldn’t know if this is more or less than what one normally comes with. Movement of joints is pretty good. The other models I have ever had to compare with are plastic Gundams (gunpla), and those things have pretty atrocious range of motion. Though I was never good at posing the models to make them look as if they were performing a real action, I could always copy poses from promotional shots. Lucina, however, did not have that many great promotional action shots, so I didn’t bother to keep many of those photos. In fact, I learned that the lightning in any place of my house wasn’t good to take photos of a figma. In some places, the light was too soft, others it was too harsh, then too little, then too blurry. It’s a real pain. I hope product/commercial photographers have better conditions for shots, or else this would be a major pain in the ass every time


I tried to take a photo of this without the stand, but by then the sun had already left.


Her blushing face is adorable.

I did try to take some poses though. Try being the keyword here.

I also got a pair of speakers+subwoofer for my computer. Some context here, my computer’s speakers has been having problems for the last 4 years, but it really surfaced after my family moved to our current location. The speakers were pretty necessary. While I, myself, never needed speakers, when I have people over, having speakers is so helpful. After installing it, I found out the real issue to my multi-year problem with my speakers. The software had disabled the front part of my soundboard, so no matter what I did, the speaker was never connected, since those ports were never considered on.


The most surprising part about these presents were that they all came with long time intervals between them. After each additional present, I had to wonder, what the fuck have I done in this past year to deserve this? And, how the hell was I going to do this again next year? I don’t even know what I did this year!

I still don’t know. I guess my friends are great people.

I’m thankful for that.

Club Icebreakers

I say ‘IcebreakerS‘, but I’ve only attended one so far, and that was today’s with UBC Wargamers.

I did sign up mainly because they advertised that they did Magic the Gathering, but also because I was interested in seeing how the current era of board games worked. There is a sort of revival of the board game genre these days, and none of the games are similiar to the age-old classics of Risk, Life, or Monopoly. I’ve not much to say, other than it was a fun time. We played a game called Yggdrasil. I’m not sure if I would play it again, but it was fairly complex and had nuaces in how you would play. Then again, I could be completely mistaken about that since I know nothing about modern-day board games. It didn’t feel like much of a challenge, but I guess that’s in part of all of us happening to pick up strong characters, having 6 people, and a bit of luck.

I can only hope UBC eSport’s icebreaker next week will be just as fun. Hopefully it will be better, since there has been so much planning for the damn thing.

I did find it a bit weird that even though they advertise the fact that they do Magic the Gathering, but they don’t allow it during their official game nights. Their reasoning is that it uses more table space than other board games, while incorporating less players, and creates a large barrier to entry, as people have no idea how a card game works. I do agree with their points, but I find it borderline offensive to advertise that they support something, only for them to drop support for it during official times, and instead say that the time for Magic is around 1pm-3pm, when there are people who would play with you. That’s literally just saying ‘We have some people who play Magic who hang around during those times, and we’ll make it our “official” time for Magic’, which is really scummy. But who knows? Maybe it is actually an official time for people to play Magic, but the few times I was there around that time, I never saw any Magic being played. If I was just going to play casually with someone, what would it have to do with the club? I don’t get it. The way they treat Magic the Gathering is really off-putting for me. They might as well just not include it, it would probably be better that way. Maybe even let the creation of a MTG club arise. Who knows.

Anyways, I found again that I have problems talking to people I don’t know. If it’s about a topic then that’s fine. Like, when we were playing Yggdrasil with Emily, Kevin (other one!), Maz…something (his name is too long, oh my god), and Maddie, I felt fine talking to them about the game, but then when the game was done, it was weird. Especially the walk down from the club room to the exit of the Nest with Emily. It just felt so awkward, even though it was fine during the game. I guess when it’s during the game, I don’t have to worry if what I’m saying is relevant to their interests/topic on hand, since they’re participating in the game. But once we’re done with the game, it’s just back to unfamiliar territory. Weird.

Facing More Windows

Don't ask.

Don’t ask.

On a slightly related topic, the last few days I’ve been seeing Megan a lot more at school. I’ve seen her a total of 3 times this week, and I’ve only been at school for 2 days!

Not that I said hi to her in any of those times. If you’d recall another post I did, I had the same problems back in March. But there was no Acky this time to use as an excuse, and there sure as hell wasn’t a weird awkward context as sitting across the bus from each other. It would have been perfectly fine, natural, and acceptable for me to just walk up and say “Hi Megan, do you remember me?” Yet I still have problems doing it ever time.

After failing to do it again yesterday, I started to tell myself that I would do it the next time I saw her. Especially if she was sitting somewhere alone, and not walking to class or something. It would be perfectly natural. It will go fine. It won’t be awkward as hell.

But words are very empty. I mean, the things are 2D! There is literally no depth in them. They’re just words.

Until paired with the action they describe, which is the much harder part.

So maybe on Friday I’ll see her again, and build some courage to say hi. Or maybe next Wednesday, when I saw her sitting somewhere. Though I do find it weird she was in Henry Angus, the commerce building, as I’ve always thought of her as a science student. Maybe it was just a coincidence this week, and I lost my chance forever. That would be quite sad. I wouldn’t be able to use the repeated failures to steel myself to give it a try, as those failures wouldn’t be fresh on my mind anymore. It could very well end up that way, as another chance I’ve been given, and failed to take.

Oh well.

Maybe I can drink my sorrows away on Friday at Alex’s & Brandon’s party.

Oh wait.

I can’t.

I have to drive.



Sleeping on the job.