The actual light at the end of the tunnel.

I was asked to write a Valentines blog.

To which I replied: “No.”

So I’m not sure what this entire blog is for.

But I guess I’ll find out.

Today’s the 15th of February.

Not too special of a day (other than the release of this video).

Naturally, that means yesterday was the 14th. What does the 14th mean? Well, 14 is the number between 13 and 15. It is an even number, and have the four following factors: 1, 2, 7, and 14.

But, you place a ‘February’ before this boring number, you get something exciting.

Or I should say, potentially exciting.

Since I’m on the topic of numbers and some general math stuff, I think this picture is appropriate.



What am I going to talk about?

I guess I’ll talk about relationships.

Wait I just read that Daigo Umehara lost in a showmatch vs the rapper Lupe Fiasco in SFV? Oh. Daigo sandbagged for PR. What a world.


Many of my friends are in a relationship right now. And the ones that aren’t are looking to be in one.

Right now I can’t see to care.

I have too many things I need to worry about. Grades, meeting new people, building my resume (okay, I don’t do this that much), enjoying my hobbies, trying to get a job, and just trying (the keyword) to be social. I see the need to add another thing to worry about. Maybe when I get my life all together. Maybe when the magic of love just happens. Maybe when I get tired of everything else.

Almost a year ago, I had decided to give this romance thing a shot, after being encouraged by a friend. Before this, I had continuously questioned what emotion I was feeling.

Whats the difference between being concerned for somebody, wanting to help somebody, wanting to spend time with somebody, and being in love with somebody?

They told me to find out. I hadn’t wanted to find out for a long time, partially because I was scared, but also because I didn’t want to invest the time. It didn’t have too much of a positive ROI. I would what, sink in time, effort and money for a slim chance of success and high chance of pain? Not my cup of tea.

But whatever.

I went for it.


Some months later, my attempt was stopped short. Oh well.

I got that end result of pain, paired up with some unfortunate family circumstances, and everything seemed to come down at once. It wasn’t fun.

I even put Fight Song on my phone because it was super inspiring for me. It still is, but not as much anymore. I’m just not feeling the same kind of drive.

On that note, I remembered listening to Fight Song while working out in October of last year, and it really motivated me to try harder. Doing intervals for 30 minutes instead of 25. Going for 30 seconds instead of 20. Small steps towards improvement. Sad to say that after December, I took a convenient 2.5 month break from the gym… I went last Thursday, and oh my god, everything hurts. 15 minute intervals and I’m done. My arms were sore for 3 days just from doing 3 sets of 20 reps of 25. Geez. I’ll try to commit to a schedule of 2 times/week, but it doesn’t seem very likely.

Anyways, back to romance.

Since I had that route crushed, I spent a few days thinking what I was even doing. I didn’t necessarily decide that the pursuit of romance wasn’t worth it, I just decided I had more valuable things to do first. I’m quite content with what I’m doing these days, and I’m still striving to improve. I don’t see this need for a relationship. Sure, it might be a bit strange to not have any serious relationships throughout these years, but so what? It’s not strange to me, and that’s what really matters.

StatsCan says that the average age of marriage for men was 31.1 in 2008 and 29.1 for women.

Looking at the graph, average age of first marriage has been increasing since approximately 1980s, so it may be safe to assume that the average has gone to be even higher in 2016. If you assume the average length of a relationship before being married is 3 years (which sounds reasonable according to a variety of websites I found; apparently there is also a study from the 2000s~ that has an average length of 2.8 years, but I didn’t find it), then the average age of which a marriage-capable relationship starts is about 28.1 for men and 26.1 for women, using 2008’s numbers. I’m about 8 years away from the 28.1 years of age number, so I don’t have to worry. Also, since it is the average, that does mean that about 50% of people were married after that age. So for people around my age, that’s no biggie!

Anyways, it’s almost the start of February 16th. Maybe next year’s 14th will be more interesting, considering that I woke up on Sunday forgetting it was Valentine’s.

We will see.