Unrelated photo from Adam’s River. I really like it. Gives a sense of exploration & the huge outdoors.

Today I woke up late.


Woke up at 7am. I should be leaving at 7am. Sigh.

Decided that since my parents weren’t home, it didn’t matter so much, so I just decided to be late for class and got ready. Then I realized I could drive and leave the car at the office, and then bus to school. It was much faster. Ended up still being early to class. Yay! But then when I came back to the car at like 3pm, there was a post-it that said ‘This is reserved parking!’ Thanks, friend. I know. Because this is reserved parking for my family’s business! THIS IS ACTUALLY THE SPOT I SHOULD BE PARKING AT. Thanks.

Well, today we went to Allen’s house for dinner. I’m actually really impressed how much food he made in time. Also, how many different kinds there were. It was a more western-style dinner (in terms of the dishes), so it’s just more new stuff to me. Don’t really have stew at home, or at all. Also don’t actually have omelets, pretty much never. They were something I had wanted to learn to cook before, since god damn everything seems to make references to omelets (starting a long time ago with Neopets).

Then we ended up going to Artona.

When Cindy first suggested it, it sounded like a fun time. Literally as I got out of my car and started walking towards it, all I could think was:

God, why am I back here again?

True feeling.

Coming back here just made me feel all ‘ugh’ again. Remembering how crazy people were over these photos, which to me were just something ‘for fun’, an additional event that doesn’t really mean too much. In fact, I barely remember any of the photos I took for my individual Artona session. I remember everyone else being extremely excited about the photos. In turn, they were also extremely anal about it being a perfect photo session. Geez louise! It’s only a damn photo session! Sure, it’s your graduation photos, but this isn’t no life or death situation.

Also I probably get increasingly more self conscious around people dressed incredibly nicely, in a store all about looking great. I’m not exactly being self-harming, but I don’t think I’m exactly that good looking of a person. This is not a place that I feel that great in. Probably contributed to my dislike for the whole “Artona experience”.

This time around, I decided to give it another try. I remember a comment about my previous Artona outfit not matching, which I agree. This time, I tried to be a little more presentable.

God, what am I saying. Wanting to be more presentable? Geez! It’s like I’m becoming a normal person or something. Must be that business-student environment. All about looking the part, and playing the part.

I spent a much longer trying on clothes than I’d like to admit. I got home at about 3:30pm. I showered, and then searched for suits in my parent’s closet.

I then left at like 5:15pm.

I might as well be a girl doing make-up. My god.

Well, Artona this time was probably less tiresome. Their wait was still once again ridiculously long! Other people should just plan to eat dinner during the 1hour wait between check-in and the actual photo session.

Oh, about the actual photo session, it was much more fun than I remembered. I guess the photographer was much more engaged and proactive this time. Maybe because we were responding well to what she was saying. Just being able to converse with someone sure can change your experience.

But my gosh, Allen. I don’t know how you manage to look so confused all the time in those photos.

After dropping some people home, I came home to see my tripod set up in front of the main door. I set it up a week ago in order to be able to take photos of the moon whenever I wanted.

Now I just need to set up a binocular to this.

Now I just need to set up a binocular to this.

Tonight there was a full moon. It was quite easy to see, and it was really clear! The clouds around it were really pretty, and made the scene itself look a lot nicer, but I’m not knowledgeable enough to choose the settings that would show the clouds (that need more exposure time) while keeping the moon clear (required less exposure). I’m noticing a lot of beautiful photographs these days, but it’s always when I don’t have my camera. And since I rarely have my camera, the frustration I feel of not being able to capture it happens often.

In fact, this had made me feel like trying to bring my camera with me at all times, but god knows how implausible that idea is without making travel so much more inconvenient. Maybe if I drove, but then I would have to bring it with me around school to capture everything. But that really defeats the purpose of school. I’m not learning my required course material if I’m busy looking for photographs to capture. What a world.

I wonder if there’s a convenient way for me to carry my camera with me. To start off with, I need to reduce the size and weight my laptop takes up. My dad says to go with a Surface, but that thing is $1500+ CAN! The loonie being so weak doesn’t help that price. With that price, I could buy an L-lens for my camera. In fact, I could get 2 high quality lens with that money. I could even straight up buy an ICLC (is this still what they call the mirrorless DSLRs?) like the Panasonic Lumix GM1 (I don’t actually know if this is really good or not, I just remember really wanting a Lumix ICLC [it was the first of the GM1 line I think] 4-5 years ago) that is much easier to transport. I guess I could consider getting one of those photography backpacks that lets you carry a camera, lens, and other stuff (laptop usually). I wonder if there’s one that has a compartment for textbooks and notebooks. Having a much reduced camera space would be a good trade-off. Or I could just get a small compact bag to use instead of my bulky large one, but that’s still annoying to carry.

After the full moon, I took some separate photos for myself. It felt really weird doing it, but it was an interesting experience, having to think about human posing. Though I was incredibly embarrassed with what I did at the end. It was more embarrassing when I realized I had ISO fixed at 100 from the moon shots and forgot to change it, making all of my exposure times really long. Whoops. Had to redo some shots. But I couldn’t stand doing those any longer, so only a few were taken, then I moved on.

That reminds me. There was a really pretty sky shot this afternoon showing the difference between grey storm clouds and clear blue sky. It was a really contrasting difference, and would’ve definitely been a great shot (if I don’t screw up somewhere). There was also a really nice sunset + clouds as I crossed the Oak bridge with Daniel. I told him to use his phone camera to try and get a shot, but he didn’t seem too interested (also phone cameras suck). I really want to find a solution to this. Would be super nice to just be able to capture photos whenever. Though, there exists the possibility that not being able to shoot these shots makes me more interested and motivated about photography. It’s a give/take kind of thing.

Maybe I’ll see. I did kind of agree to some kind of artsy photo thing. Not that I have any idea what that entails, or how badly I’m going to ruin it. Regardless, I guess I’ll learn something. About photography, and about photographic motivation.

I just hope I get the better deal of the exchange.