The first and last day I tried to shoot in RAW.

So, the big news is that the Liberals won a majority government (surprise!) on Monday. And now Justin Trudeau is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (at least soon to be).

It’s amusing that when I went to confirm if Justin was going to be the 23rd PM, the first google result for Justin Trudeau was ‘Justin Trudeau age’.

Lets just take some time to talk about that.

His age was a argument against him taking office. That he was too young and inexperienced. The inexperienced part is the one that can be argued, but his age is not.

Justin is 43 as of today, October 21, 2015 (which is Back to the Future day!). Stephen Harper was 46 when he became PM. That’s only 3 years. That’s not much.

The youngest PM of Canada is Joe Clark, who was 39 when he took office. He won the Progressive Conservatives (which became the CPC) a minority in 1979.

Justin may be the second youngest PM to take office, but 43 is 4 years away from 39, and he is only 3 years younger than when Harper took office. Not a real criticism.

Not even going to bother going into the ‘real age’ by taking account the life expectancy (LE). Even though the LE in 1979 was 74.87 and it’s 81.4 in 2013 (source), it doesn’t matter! Age should never be an arguable issue. The important thing here is ‘experience’, which is not always positively correlated with age.

Anyway, this is not what I wanted to talk about really. Not that I’m ever clear about that.

In fact, I have no idea what I want to write about. All indication of that disappeared when I started my blurb on age. Great!

Well, today I had a law case presentation. A 5-10 minute little thing, so I didn’t think too much about it. I went over what I was going to say once or twice, and left it at that.

I woke up today at 6am to get to class early. The presentations usually were in the beginning of class, so I wanted to be ready for it. I guess my group-members didn’t feel the same way, as at 7:30am I got messages from 2 of my 3 other group members that they were going to be late. One guy’s excuse was that his bus ride takes 1 hour. The other one’s was that she woke up late.

I was pretty annoyed, honestly. The 1h guy DRIVES to school. It doesn’t even take him an hour! It’s like a 40 minute drive max, but I guess he doesn’t think I know that. Still doesn’t make it any better. I transit for longer than that, and I’m still early. Sleeping late – sure. I do that too. But come on, it’s presentation day! Oh well, that one’s not too bad I guess. The last guy didn’t say anything, but he was 20 minutes late too.

Some people just don’t care I guess. I really wanted to say something to them about it, but I didn’t. I didn’t know what to say, how to phrase it, and how to approach the topic without sounding like a dick.


Couldn’t do that. Eh.

My prof basically wrote that on the criteria sheet though. I sent them photos of it, because they left right away. I doubt they’ll read it. We got 10/10 anyways.

I guess it’s ironic that I am here complaining about others being late. I’m usually the one late when hanging out with friends. It just doesn’t that kind of urgency to it, I guess.

I had another ‘interview’ today. Class got cancelled for the entire week because of it. Sounds great at first, and still sounds great later. It was just a 15 minute talk. The professor is really nice and is easy for me to talk to (my Law prof is great too). It felt more of like just a normal conversation than a prof-student discussion about assignments. Somehow it felt natural to just branch off into random things like blogging, my law presentation just beforehand, and my interests related to writing. In hindsight, the topics weren’t too far off from the general topic of ‘Business Writing’, but at the time it seemed as an aside.

She mentioned ‘you really like writing, don’t you?’

When I realized that I responded right away with ‘yeah, I do!’ she was already responding.


Just as a general overview, most people guess my major to be Sciences, Comp Sci., then Engineering, in that order. I guess I just don’t give off the vibe of a business student to others – and I agree. Sitting in the classroom, most of the time I feel like I don’t fit the stereotype or the expected personality traits of people in business. Going one step farther, it’s more interesting that even though most people see me as being a science student, I have a large interest in writing, photography, art, and more subjective, Arts-like subjects.

Yet I’m studying business, which is neither science’s matter-of-fact type or art’s softer, subjective, and creative side.

Just something to think about, I guess.

I digress.

Though, that doesn’t make much sense considering there was no topic that I was digressing from… Oh well.

My father left for China today. He’ll be back in 3 weeks. My mother leaves tomorrow morning. I’ll be driving her to the airport, then off to school.

Tomorrow seems to be shaping up to be a boring and dull day. I can’t exercise because I twisted my ankle today while walking down stairs (whoops, phone), and all there’s left to do is really just buy some groceries for the things I want to cook over the next few days. Oh, and study. Sigh.

I have so much empty time, and I really need something to fill it. The UBC esports club keeps sending me all this shit about things I can do, and I’m seriously tempted to just join those and do something with my time. I feel guilty playing games, and I feel bored trying to study. Even if the law textbook is super interesting content-wise, the language it’s written in gets incredible annoying to read past the 3rd page, but I have to do it for my midterm next week.

A lot of friends seem to be talking about their lack of free time. Here I am just wondering what do I do with all this free time. I’ve never really had so much empty time to waste. IB was exciting in that there was always something for me to do (aka: deadlines!), and because school was a substantially amount of time that occurred every day, it was something that I could just work at. My first two years of university was just a grind. Match up required courses that I need to take for both my current program, and potential programs (Beedie/Sauder). Try my best in them, and use the rest of my time to just transit and do work. Now at UBC with their annoying method of course spreading (aka: 3 hour lectures are always split into at least 2 different days), I wake up in the early morning and come home in the afternoon. I might be using what seems like 4-6 hours at least a day on school, but all of the morning to me generally doesn’t exist for productivity. If it was left up to me, I would wake up between 11am and 1pm, losing effectively 4-5 hours of my day. So when I get home between 1-3pm, it doesn’t feel like I’ve spent time doing anything. I’ve just essentially waken up, and found that I had not much to do.

Unlike my friends, I seem to enjoy having something to do. Or at least, a strange dislike of having nothing to do. By ‘nothing to do’ I mean things that are important and need to be done, and not things that can be put off for later, as they will be put off for later. There’s no urgency. It’s strange. That’s essentially the feeling I’ve been using to do anything starting from grade 8, all the way to now. It’s gone now, and I feel lost.

I’m sure none of them want to hear about how I feel due to my amount of free time, but I would rather be wishing for free time, than wishing for something to do.


Even Google understands.

Filling up free time is one of Google’s most asked questions.

Creating free time is a challenge.