Shit stings dude.

Didn’t know shit could sting so hard.

Eh, maybe not sting. Maybe burn is the appropriate word here.

About the same amount of burn when I stubbornly kept my hand on a burning bowl.

Only in a targeted area.


I was thinking about how life is being super boring and all that. Being at an emotionally low state is pretty helpful when I’m trying to think of good things that could happen now.

Maybe this will give me that motivation to actually have fun on Friday. I sure as hell am not going to stay like this.

I guess I can delete yesterday’s draft. I am going to be motivated by this. I’m not taking this beating heads down. I took one two many punches. I guess once you go down a loser, you just believe you are one.

Maybe in Mid-November I’ll be much better. Maybe I’ll be good by the end of mid-terms.

Maybe I should go try out UBC Dragonboat after all. Quality time spent with water is exactly what is needed to cure 3rd degree burns.




Another lesson to go off of. Speak your mind.

Someone else will steal your thunder if you don’t. Always be the first. Never be the second. Or third. Or fourth.

Anyways. It’s time to get to work. I still have Astronomy to do. My photos to clean. Languages to learn. People to meet. Sports to play.

Perfect time to rep the new song I’ve had stuck in my head.  Fight on and get revenge.

It’s time for something new now I guess.