Well, today I started to implement my ‘solution’ to my blog ‘problem’.

Though technically I started it about 9 months ago, when I first opened the other blog and pushed out it’s first post.

As I was looking around the site, trying to change things I didn’t like about it, read one of it’s previous posts.

I was discussing a dream I had. In it, I had characterized someone really poorly. Their personality was one dimensional, and it seem that I had made that dimension their entire being.

It felt really bad.

Who am I to be judging others and pushing characteristics on them? I am essentially removing other details about who they are – that they might pride themselves in – just because I like them better that way. Awful.

You could justify this behaviour (slightly) by saying it was just a dream, and it’s hard to develop character, show personality, and be accurate to the real world in that small timeframe, but that doesn’t matter when nine months later, I read the blog and enjoyed how they were expressed in their 1D-ness.

Makes me feel kind of awful.

It’s like those joke characters in stories, TV shows, books and other forms of story telling. In Shakespearean comedy you would usually have a character dedicated solely for the purpose of comedic relief. They’re entire job in the story is to make people laugh. They are characterized by their silly traits and stupid actions resulting in people laughing and their idiocy. In a way, they only live so that they may be laughed at. Isn’t that kind of sad?

Essentially, that’s what I did to this person.

In my dream I made them into a shy/cutesy person, and that was it. They literally embodied shy and cute.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy such a merging of traits, but when that’s all they are – no anger, sadness, happiness, mood changes, surprises – they stop feeling real.

Reminds me a bit of how Katawa Shoujo played out (I still haven’t 100% that game – not that my save file is gone or anything…). One of the character’s final route splits goes against the normally selected kind of ‘white knight’ style. That you’re always there for them, that they can talk to you, that everything is going to be alright. Honestly the first time that happened it was kind of surprising for me. I felt sort of cheated. The entire time, I thought I had the character kind of figured out. There were other characters from other series that were similar to her, so after adjusting for the small changes I felt like I couldn’t ever make the worst mistake. So when I did, it was a huge surprise.

Though in hindsight, why should I be surprised? The character’s decision is much like what would happen in real life, you never know what you’re going to get. Sure, you can be fairly confident that _____ will happen, but there is always the likely case that they do something beyond your expectations – that just life. People are different and unique, it makes them feel dynamic. My characterization had none of those.

I wonder if it has an affect on how I actually view that person. Do I project that character onto them in my thoughts? Do interact with them as if that’s what they are? Do I assume that about them when I make decisions involving them? I just don’t have the right to impose my thoughts of them onto them. If they betray my assumed thoughts of them, I feel that they did something strange and out of character. In reality though, it is my fault. I never had the authority to impose a characterization on them. I never had that right.

Just something to think about next time I see them.