So my Summer term at SFU is about to end.

My last final is on Thursday, for Data & Decisions II. Not sure what to expect on the final. The course material was mainly Excel work with no written, making it hard to predict what the final exam will be as it’s not on a computer.

Maybe more excel formulas. Maybe.

Still haven’t started studying. No motivation to touch the book or do questions. This seems to always happen at the end of a term. Ugh. If Beedie courses weren’t scaled, I would have a high enough mark to skip the final and still pass, but too bad. Gotta do well in that final or I could fail. No resolve to keep the effort up. Seems like a problem.At the start of this term, I made a little promise to myself to do more physical activity. This usually means to go to the gym and do cardio/weights for an hour (in fact it always did… I never went to the pool or something else even though I wanted to). I didn’t go at all the first month, but started going in June. I even kept track of my cardio times! I planned to keep going as long as I had class that day (as the gym is in Surrey, pretty far), but I guess I just can’t do it.

In the last two weeks of July I stopped going. The first week was because I was meeting someone during the times I had a break, so I wasn’t planning to go. But once I got there, they were constantly delayed. Eventually they were late by 1.5 hours. With an original 30 minutes I had, I could have gone. I didn’t though. I even had my stuff in case they were, but I used their arrival as an excuse to not go. Sigh.

The last week I just didn’t have class. I was in Burnaby for group meetings, but I could have gone in-between my lecture and the meeting time. I had like 4 hours so waste, so I probably should have.

And now in August, there was just no more class. No exams in Surrey either, so I have no reason to go at all.


Hopefully that will improve at UBC. There will only be one area, and I’d always be there.

But then again, the reason why I didn’t go to the Burnaby one was that there was always so many people. The atmosphere wasn’t the same (also ugh other people e_e), I guess. Welp.

And UBC has millions of people too, god bless it’s going to be awful. I’ll decide if I want to keep going after a few weeks I guess. Though I really should.

Here’s to that I will