I was way too bored today at the office.

So bored that I ended up using some nice glossy paper to write on. The paper was really nice! 148 mg, smooth and glossy (OK, maybe that’s not a positive thing). It made writing on it incredible smooth. Although dry times was incredibly slow. What would take 5 seconds max, instead took up to 20.

I ended up writing multiple pages – basically a blog. Then I proceeded to ruin most of the pages by practicing my cursive handwriting over what I had written.

I junked those pages.

Here’s my only remaining clean page.

Theres a not-so-secret secret on it.

Here it is. Lets pretend I wrote this for the blog.


No extended cursive use because I’m terrible at it.


If you know the colour of Diamine’s Syrah, you’ll probably notice that Syrah is usually isn’t as light and is darker. Sometimes it even looks like dark red because it is so saturated. Mine isn’t, and it isn’t the paper’s fault.

I left my Neon Yellow Safari that was inked up with Syrah for quite some time (maybe a few months). I was running water through it to get it working again, and instead of wasting a remaining ink and a lot of time clearing out all of the ink, I just decided to use a watered down version of Syrah.

I actually like it quite a bit! In my Safari, the Syrah used to be much darker, and I sometimes had trouble identifying it as a purple/red colour and not just dark, dark red.


Today is April 30th, the last day of tax season!

Just kidding, it got extended to the fifth of May, but no one needs to know that.

Except that means I have to be at the office longer, less free time.

Not that I knew what I knew what to do with my free time (see Wednesday, although I didn’t realize there was a car in the garage – I thought my parents had taken it out), maybe this time I’ll actually go outside. There are some things I need to do and get.

I used ‘Write!’ for this blog. It is essentially a text-editor (similar to NotePad) with more features such as compatibility with Markup, Spell Check, and text formating tools. While it’s really smooth and a nice minimalistic design, I’m not too thrilled about it. It’s a lesser version of Microsoft Word (but it’s free) with aspects of NotePad in it.

Honestly, it is a pretty nice program, although features like font changing, inserting images, and table/graph creation are missing. The first two are much more important than the latter, although you can argue it is a text-editor and not a word-processor like Microsoft Word.

The spellcheck is really nice, it employs a similar kind of spellcheck that mobiles use, where there is a suggested word below the word you’re currently typing and it changes as you type additional letters. It’s very smooth and has a seamless integration. I barely noticed that it existed until some time later.

Although I did say I was not thrilled by Write!, I think I’ll try to use it some more. I’d like to see the header bar be a different colour than just white (maybe I can change that myself?), something like the cursor colours would be appreciated, and allow titles to use the ‘?’ character. Also file compatibility with .doc would be nice.

I should probably consider using this for notes. It seems good for that, however I want to be using my fountain pens more, so I guess I won’t be taking computer notes that much, not that I do that much right now.