Today started out nicely.

Although I did once again sleep through my alarm, it wasn’t as bad since I didn’t have any classes. I just wanted to see the adviser when they opened at 10.

But I did wake up again at 8:15, and I did sleep again at 2, so maybe it is that I can’t wake up without 6 hours anymore? It would be nice to find out, then I wouldn’t having these missed alarms.

Or maybe my alarm isn’t loud enough or something.

I woke up during a dream though. So that means REM sleep. Could I work backwards and try to calculate the number of cycles I had? Maybe that would help me find out how to not miss my alarm.

It has been a while since I last remembered a dream. Especially a dream that I still remember 12 hours later. Most of them are forgotten about 30 minutes after I wake up, regardless of how hard I try to remember it.

It was a nice dream.

Good things happened.

Probably due to all the talk last night. Put some thoughts in my head. Thoughts I wouldn’t normally have.

It was a good sign as I left my house at 9:10, hoping to get to school before 11.

So when I did get to school at 10:15, I was pretty happy. Today seems to be going well.

I dropped Econ. The adviser told me that if she were me, she wouldn’t take it either.

I learned some things. Joint vs Double major.

I even got the Computing Science Lab’s card key.

I did so much.

It was a good day.

All because it started out nicely.

Still didn’t do real work though.