Today was 202 again.

Walked into class. The seat I had last week was gone. Ugh. No where on the sides near the front. Sigh.

Gotta go in the middle.

There’s these two guys behind me. Talking. A lot.

I think it was just because I was annoyed from being at school for so long doing nothing.

They called out to some other guy, I didn’t hear his name. He sat down in front of them.

Beside me.

He was the worse out of the 3.

Didn’t care for class: ‘God this is so much bullshit.’

Loud: ‘Shut up you fucker!’

Not a jerk: ‘Oh hey, sorry about that.’

Didn’t like him.


Today we were getting placed into 2 groups. One for IBE (Interactive Business Experience) and one for LB (Living Book). They like to call IBE ‘IB’. Really confused me there.

Like actually. For a second I thought I was back in IB. Not something I was expecting.

This entire time, I’ve been scanning the class for Sarah. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s because she’s literally the only person I know in the class so far? Or that I found out (shouldn’t really be a surprise though) that she’s not a scary, robotic person and instead of avoiding her I rather just talk to her.

Well I did find her, sitting on the right side of the room, near the front. Opposite of where I wanted to sit, the left side of the room, near the front. Same row.

She was looking around. Maybe looking for someone? Maybe me? I don’t know. I’d rather not think about that.

Though I will admit, it would have been flatter if it was, even if it just out of curiosity.


IBE groups are 4-5 people.

LB are apparently 6-10 people (mine turned out to be 8).

There’s about 85 students in the class.

One I didn’t want to be paired up with.

One I do want to be paired up with.

I’ll be in groups with up to 13 people.

Assuming everyone has equal chance to be in my group… (it was arranged by some survey so it’s unlikely)

I can’t do math properly right now, so I’m just gonna say it’s like 10% chance that I’ll get grouped with any specific person.

10% chance for the guy I don’t want.

10% chance for the girl I want.

Before hand, I already knew I was probably going to end up in a group with the guy. That’s just how the world works.

First came the IBE group.

Kevin… Hang… Wesley (his Chinese name was registered, but I don’t remember it)… Radha… Lin…

No Sarah.

No annoying guy.

That’s fine.

Now for LB groups.

Each IBE group sent a person to one of the 5 groups.

I wanted Accounting, but no one wanted to do MIS (Managing Information Systems [basically technology]) so I went for that instead.

Oh hey, it’s Sarah.

Oh hey, it’s that guy (his name is Benny, I saw from the name tags).

We had to split into two groups.

16 people, made sense to just do 8 and 8.

8 people on the right, and 8 people on the left.

Looks like I ended getting both of them.

Someone walked from the right to the left.

Can I be on this side, please?

What the hell do you think you’re doing.

Benny’s friend.

I guess I’ll just go over here then…

Sarah went to the other group.


As if I didn’t see this coming. 10% chance is basically 100% anyways. Pretty standard for Vancouver weather reports.

‘Unlikely to rain tomorrow.’ – Rains.

‘It’s going to be a sunny day tomorrow!’ – Rain

‘75% chance for rain the next few days.’ – Sun

‘The weekends looks to be sunny.’ – Cloudy and rain.

Nothing new.

Group projects are basically 45% of this course’s mark.

IBE is 30%, and LB is 15%.

Sarah would make a group function.

It doesn’t look like anyone in this group would make a group function.

Oh well.

Another day, another course, another ride.