Suddenly life feels a little less enjoyable.

Right now I’m on the other side of Canada. You would think that going on a pseudo vacation would be enjoyable,  especially if you got to see a place you’ve wanted to go for a long time – Niagara Falls.

The panorama photo isn’t very good.  It cut a huge part of the misty arena to the right off because it couldn’t detect that it was different. Maybe I’ll swap the picture when I get access to a computer. Doubt it.

Got to visit the falls for all of the morning. Got there at 8. Which to my sleep-deprived body was very much 5 am – almost a full 24 hours of being awake.

The schedule was pretty tight,  considering Sudbury (the destination) was some hours away in the opposite direction. The falls were kind of underwhelming. Maybe it was the terrible weather, the misty area, or me being much too tired (probably all 3),  but they were not as impressive as I would have thought. The photos I took kind of show it. Grayish colours. Rain droplets on the lens. Mist. Wasn’t the most vibrant scene. But it was cool,  and I’m happy I got to see it before I became too old.

But that’s now why I feel unhappy.

But since I don’t know why I’m unhappy,  that’s a clueless guess.

The weather went from rainy and windy to snowy. I wasn’t too excited with the snow,  even though I am generally I huge fan of it.

Maybe it was because I was just tired and a bit gloomy.

I was not prepared for snow.  Wasn’t it a little bit to early for it? But then again this is eastern Canada (AKA: not Vancouver),  it’s never to early for snow.
It really made things kind of difficult though. I had already been drenched by the rain and waterfall residue, and additional snow was not the most attractive option right now.

I couldn’t even take decent pictures because the car was 120+ km/h.

But all of the wasn’t making me feel truly unhappy. The feeling really showed itself after dinner at the hotel.


Today’s Halloween.

Not that it matters,  considering I’m 19.

But something about this trip has just been unfortunate.

Maybe the timing of it.

Two midterms when I get back. Missing an annual holiday (can I even call it that?).  6/6 Angelit drops. Bad weather. Being highly unlikely to meet UT friends. Laurentian University.

I don’t know.

Or I do, but my conscious just doesn’t want to admit it.

Also,  a lot of people did cats this year. Cat ears really cute. There was so many of them too. I don’t  know why I’m not happy. There’s so many significant good things happening.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

Too many things are still uncertain.

They had always been, but now I am just aware of them.

And that doesn’t make me happy.