The town of the magician.

The only class that could advance at level 8 instead of 10.

They relied on INT (Intelligence) as their main damage formula stat, while requiring some LUK (Luck) as a secondary stat for equipment.

Magic claw, Energy Bolt (I think that is what it was called) were the only damage actives. I think there was some cute fairy active buff, but I don’t remember what it did anymore.

Magic claw doesn’t even exist now. Neither does the buff, I guess.

When people had to use Hidden-Street to learn anything.

Basilmarket was still a small group (And the first every Basil-Vancouver meet up! Too bad I couldn’t attend.)

Maplestory’s TCG and related items.

And I could never forget Happyville & the old UI.

Party quests. Especially them being level specific, and actually actively played.

I don’t even count CPQ (Carnival Party Quest) as a real ‘party quest’. Though it sure as hell was much better exp/hour than Ludibrium PQ.

Maplestory’s just so different now. It’s not the same game that I fondly remember.


I haven’t even thought about this game in a year, but today I heard the Ellinia soundtrack again and I kinda of wanted to cry.

Just a bit, mind you.

All the memories that I held so dear about this game. The people I had met, the times I had spent, and the lengths that I had went for this game.

It’s kind of saddening to think how they were 5+ years ago.

How all those good moments will never come back, and that I will never get the same enjoyment from that game again.


Maybe it’s because it’s past 12 that caused my rose-tinted glasses to appear again.

Maybe it’s just my subconscious finding a way to avoid studying Econ260.

But no music can make me as emotional as Maplestory OSTs.

Kerning‘s was a bit punk-like. Perion’s was this barren lonely feel. Henesys’ was this quaint, warm and pleasant emotion. Ellinia had the mysterious, magical, and hopeful music. Orbis felt like ascending to a higher plane.

And the ship between Victoria Island and Orbis. The ship doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s just instant travel. Gameplay wise, it probably was a good idea to scrap the travel and Barlog encounters outside especially for new players, but those were some of rare times high & low levels interacted with each other on equal terms. Mini-games, drop-games, Test of Courage (go outside!), and trading fame. The last time I played Maple, I don’t remember talking to anyone who I didn’t already previously know. It was strange when a random talked to me.

I loved those times.

Maybe I’m just being nostalgic.

But I sure as hell am having fun remembering these things.


Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary on WordPress too.

I also remember complaining about the switch from Windows Spaces to WordPress, after coming back from Blogger.


I am always fond of the past, I never want to see the future. However, the future is just the past that has not yet come to be.