Summer’s over.


I really did not like them.

How they look on me.

How they distort the brightness of what I see.

How they are more of a fashion object that a tool.


But I’ve started to like these damn things.

Regardless of how they look on me, separately the glasses were always very pretty.

Their usage as sunlight protection is also good.

But their best quality – only for some pairs – is how large the frames are.


I’ve never been a fan of large rim glasses. But after having to wear a pair for some few years, I no longer hate them.

I just don’t like them.

But something about large rim sunglasses, or at least the pair I was given, is that they fully immerse my eyes in their frames.

I haven’t been able to see clearly without glasses for 10 years now.

I don’t even remember how it feels to not rely on correction lenses.

But these sunglasses. They really make me feel like as if my eyes were fine.

Their large dark lens hides the rims of the frame, making it feel like that I am not looking through a piece of glass, and that is a small pleasure I really enjoy.

I feel like my eyes were fine.

No near-sightedness.

No squinting eyes.

But good 20-20 vision.

Feels good.

Even if it’s all an illusion of my mind, I do not mind being fooled.


Small pleasures.

Big problems.