That’s a legitimate title. Don’t judge me.


I started this blog by being pretty upset.

It was going to be a 110% salt blog.

Last minute save, I guess.

The last two days I have been struggle with course selection for the upcoming Fall term.

I’m at that point where I have to take electives (pay for them).

Well… more like only electives.

I took basically all my core/required courses for 1st and 2nd year last year.

And now I have to find about 6 courses that interest me and hopefully I can be decent at that don’t belong to the topics I want to pursue.


One or two would be easy. Try some programming, some more psychology and then some digital arts or whatever.

Too bad I already did psychology last term.

And that because of a certain parental restriction (CANNOT TAKE COURSES FRIDAY, THANKS MOM) I can’t take any intro computer science classes, as they are always Monday/Wednesday/Friday classes.

Oh and that means I have to go to Surrey campus on Mondays.


This set me up for some awkward scheduling.

With most courses being split between more than one day (and usually involving Monday/Friday), and usually being available in Burnaby… I effectively did not have a Monday or Friday to schedule courses with.

That means a 8am-5pm Tuesday and Thursday.

And a empty Wednesday.

I struggled to find courses that could fit my schedule… and at this point I still only have 4 courses (1 away from what I planned).

I was quite puzzled on what to do, so I consulted my parents (something I’m actively trying to do).

All that happened was that I was yelled at for not taking Business or Economics courses.

Not as if there were any left.

I had taken them all the previous year, and the remaining 1-2 courses I was already planning to take, thank you very much.

More yelling and screaming.

My mom, after a good year of explaining university credit requirements and graduation requirements, clearly did not understand something fundamental about university that I did.

And I had no idea what she didn’t get.

To me it was very obvious.

Need 120 credits to graduate.

30 a year.

4 years.

3 terms a year.

Summer term should be spent working/internship/vacation.

Therefore 15 credits a term.

Average course gives 3 credits.

5 courses a term.

Take required courses and electives when possible to  fulfill both the credit requirement and the Major’s course requirements.

Take optional Co-op program.



Something about it didn’t make sense to her.

I would guess it would have to do with previous ‘knowledge’ of university from hearsay.

Something something quadruple major is normal.

Something something 10 courses a term.

Something something intern at multiple large corporations.

Something something 4.3 GPA.

Something something god damn impossible.

And all of that had one conclusion:

My son is worthless.

He can’t quadruple major. Hasn’t even managed to double.

He took 10 courses over 3 terms. He should have been at least triple that.

He spent summer term in school and not at an internship.

He does not have a 4.3 GPA. Hell, not even close to 4.0.

He thinks I have high expectations. Doesn’t he see this is all normal?


Today I shattered some of those misconceptions.

Quadruple major is not normal. Double is impressive.

5 courses is for some reason considered above average. Average is 3-4 courses.

Internships and Co-ops are usually for 3rd and 4th years.

4.3 GPA is god damn hard. (I admit I’m slacking here)

So after an hour of yelling/screaming/being annoyed my Mom finally understands something about university.

Maybe she’ll be able to give me some legitimate ideas now.

Not this ‘I don’t want to compare you to people, but so&so’s child finished their double major and makes 100k annually.’

And the follow up of:  ‘Now look at yourself and see what you can say about yourself in your defense.’

But the worst part was yet to come.

After a year of this pointless struggling, she says its my fault for my inability to explain things.

Lets clarify some things first.

1. I know my Chinese is pretty shit and communicating is hard (but you don’t understand English for shit either)

2. My mom cuts me off when I try to explain, and complete forsakes my explanation.

3. My dad understands me perfectly. Usually on my first attempt.

So why are you having so much trouble understanding a simple concept, and why is it always my fault for what seems like your lack of understanding?

I got really upset here.

I kinda yelled.

But there was no real point, I realized that halfway through and just cut off with a ‘it wouldn’t change anything’.

She retorted with ‘Stop yelling, you will bother the tenants.’




I brought it up.

‘Shut up.’


How is this even my problem now?

I know pushing this matter would just make her more irrational and unable to be dealt with, so I left.

But it’s so infuriating.

I think I’m stubborn.

And I know which side of the family I got that from.


And there was the creation of this salt blog.

Then I had a discussion with a friend.

Something something everyone has their opinions.

Something something doesn’t mean it can’t be wrong.

Something something stubbornness.

There was a redeeming moment I guess.

I calmed myself down and kind of explained myself (I think…?) and  prevented some shameful outcries.

They let me off.

I was really grateful.

Not everyone is like that.

And then I got ‘cheered up’ by the most anti-cheerful person I knew.

At that point I could only really chuckle…

What position was I in that they tried to cheer me up?

I don’t really want to think about that.

Kind of embarrassing.

Just a bit.