But you don’t.
To be specific, ‘you’ are a lot of people.

People who don’t understand why I get upset.

My feelings can get trampled on and that hurts.
My pride can be shattered and that hurts.
My beliefs can be denied and that hurts.

But if you tell me you’re rational (no such thing) and come to me being swayed by emotional and blind to your own actions instead of being understanding in a debate/argument just to tramble my feelings, pride and beliefs, boy you’ve done wrong.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not free of fault. It’s that you think you are free of fault.

Theres no worse way to end an argument that has been settled by proof by walking out and denying it.

Especially if you give me the AX attitude of being 110% certain of everything.

I don’t think he learned much in TOK. What happened to thinking in different perspectives?
What happened to to being understanding of others?
What happened to think critically about ones actions?

I can tell when people I talk to are applying those lessons.

You, while not haven taken the course of thought, have on multiple occasions hinted that you were a student of wisdom, and not emotion.

Sure. Hinting is far from stating, but if I don’t question you, it is because I believe in you.

My belief must be unfounded if you pull this dumb ultimatum craze.

I’ve been wrong in my appraisal.

Something I hope to perfect.

The biggest thing here is that you’re similiar to me.
And if you learned anything in science, opposites attract, and similiar repel.

It’s because you’re stubborn. Therefore so am I.

Unrelenting on my judgements and actions, regardless of the outcome.

If I believed that it would work, then I will believe until I accept the reality of its failure.

Sometimes much later than desired.

If I was the murderer of fire, I would have quenched those flames with calm tranquility. But I am not.

If I was the brilliant lancer, no enemy would I fear and faults I would admit.

However I am but a lonely cloud looking to find companions.

Companions who are not like me,so I may one day share some of there positive qualities, while releasing my own negative ones.

I think I’m on the right path.

I have been less like myself in recent days.

More calm.
More forgiving.
More mellow.

But that didn’t show today.

You’re disdian for criticism belies your ironic actions.

If you throw the ball in the air, hoping it to disappear,
Whole shall it remain, until it finds your again.
And when it does, it shall not forget,
The pain you made it feel, the taste of regret.