I woke up today to a friend tasked with writing a poem about ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’.

Never read it.
Always heard of it.
Wanted to read it.
There you go, Kevin, you’ve got an excuse to at least read the summary.

So I did.


Haven’t seen you in a year.

Read up the plot synopsis.
Then went and did other stuff.

The friend eventually wrote a pretty good poem, after complaining about an inability (seemed more like a lack of confidence) of creating poetry.

There was no assigned structure.
No mark scheme.
Just free.
Like a mockingbird.
Before it is shot.

Well, now that it’s about 14 hours past that message, and that I’ve had it on my mind all day, why not give it a shot.
(My knowledge of this story is zip zero none – spare me.)

All you need,
and remember this well,
Is a man ready to do his task.
Poised with his tool of preference,
In whatever environment so be.
Regardless of previous knowledge,
The task will be performed,
Even if it’s through me.

All you need,
is a deaf ear,
Attached to your man.
Ruined by bloodlust screams.
The scout’s plea drowned,
By the wishes of the ignorant.
The stone god unmoved by
the solid proof of truth.

All you need
is an uneducated mind.
The kind scholars wish gone
Vanished be the balance,
Weighing the right from the wrong.
Left only the man,
Who had once held the scale.

All you need
is a place of sorrow.
Dark, damp, and empty it is,
Full of frost and blaze,
and rabies and costumes.
The slow mule pulls the cargo,
Releasing its stress of hunger,
Down the granular red slope.

All you need,
Are these simple things,
To kill a mockingbird
Singing peacefully in the trees.

It lacks depth I feel. But I tried to make references to the main point of each stanza based off the summary and theme/motifs off sparknotes.
It wasn’t too bad. Don’t think I used my whole ‘all you need is ___…to kill A mockingbord’ style well. Good use of 30 minutes.

It was a better idea in my head.

But a lot things are.