So yesterday I wrote a weird letter like thing because why not.

Also while writing it, all I could think was ‘I have no idea what I’m writing’.

I was obviously not prepared.

But I was also thinking ‘Why is my writing so god damn atrocious.’

And inconsistent.

I’ve been following the The Pen Habit for a few months now, and I have to say his writing has improved a lot.

In my opinion of course. It might not be such for you, or anyone else in the world, but for me I think it improved.

If not, then I must have been observing my own writing too much, it’s creating a contrast effect.

But you know, I’d like to learn how to write… more neatly.

I know, I know. There are other people out there who should be prioritizing being able to write legibly much more than me, but improvement is only done by comparing yourself to someone better. Also, I tend to think they don’t really mind, and that they take some pride in their code-like writing – something only they can decipher (I’ve tried to decipher some… it’s quite a challenge).

I googled ‘How to improve your handwriting’ and got a lot of results that were very… abstract and open-ended in their method.

‘Learn to love writing.’

‘Find something comfortable to write with.’

‘Ask someone for tips.’ (As if I’m not asking someone for help right now…)

‘Practice makes perfect.’


What I wanted to know were analysis, proper postures, and detailed aspects of writing, not generic ‘Don’t worry if you believe hard enough you can achieve anything!’ motivational speeches.

If I’m not motivated enough to change something I want when it gets hard, then I wasn’t ever going to change it regardless of how much I believed.

I should take a writing sample. Then come back in a year and see if anything has changed about my writing.

I’ll just use the font I made of my handwriting. I just hope I don’t delete it by next year.

I guess I’ll put it on Dropbox.

Hopefully I’ll still have space on my Dropbox next year. My 23GB of free storage expires sometime this October.

And then I’ll be able to write a better letter.

More focus on what I want to write (some of which I forgot) rather than focus on how I write.

Also, I’d like to say ‘Thank you’ more often.

Like in the letter.

Or in person.

So hopefully I can write prettier ‘Thank You’s in this year.

And in an unintentional way of doing so, thanks for the gift.