Besides the fact I have a draft research paper due in about 13 and a half hours, I really can’t figure out something.

Am I suppose to share troubles?

Do I want to?

Does anyone even want to hear this?

I understand people share their own to relieve stress, or get another opinion, and I’m find with people complaining to me.

Hell, I even feel a little bit special, being on the receiving end of something they might not tell another.

But when it comes to me tell others… it’s very different.

I feel that sharing troubles isn’t the best.

Why listen to troubles and empathize and sympathize, when I could share joys and humorous events?

Is joy and pleasure not superior to empathy and pain?

Some say I feel distant because of it, and I understand.

But I really feel that they do not.


Then there are people who just say

Tell me something.

Boy, way to put me on the spot.

If it was that easy to find something to tell you, the conversations would never stop.

If it’s going to happen,  it’s only going to happen sporadically.

But spring doesn’t bloom this flower.

Not much does.