People under value the follower.

In the Alpha dominated society we live in, followers – the beta – are pushed aside for leaders.

Leaders like JFK, Steve Jobs and Ghandi are more popularized than the workers, followers, and students of them.

Introverts, followers, betas and the like are disliked.


Since we have been all told to become leaders, what happens when we all become leaders?

Most leaders are charismatic, inspirational and challenging.

Would a leader follow a leader then?

Unless their goals align, it’s highly unlikely to be the case.

I believe that the follower is more important than the leader.

A leader by himself is not a leader. By themselves, a leader is only a person with a goal, but who doesn’t have a goal?

The first follower makes all the difference.

Compare a person with a goal, and two people striving towards a goal.

It’s a huge difference.

The second person makes the leader’s goal something that isn’t devoid to themselves.

They don’t even have to share the same goal, the second is someone who believes that their goal is realizable and worth it.

It promotes the goal/idea, and makes the goals seem sane to others. It’s effectively a recruitment offer to others saying:

Hey, this idea isn’t half bad.

And that gets the ball rolling.

Where would Ghandi be without the support of the masses?

Would Martin Luther King’s speech have the same impact without his followers?

Would the United States land on the moon without the assistance of the country?

Gets to you think.