After getting off my bus while returning home from class today, I helped someone.

I have to cross a small intersection after my bus drops me off before I can walk home.

Today however, there was a car looking like it was going to turn at that intersection.

However after multiple chances where the driver could have easily turned, I noticed that the back compartment was opened.

Something must have been wrong.

I started to wonder what was wrong.

The lights were flashing, but I could only see the left side lights. I had assumed the lights were the signal to turn.

Instead it was the signal to alert others that they had issues. And I shortly found out what those issues were.

The driver, a 50 some old Asian female came out and quickly asked me:

Can you help push?

I was confused. I didn’t quite hear what she said.


Can you help me push?

I heard it this time, but I was unsure if I should help. I’m not sure how to explain it. It was like part of my brain was telling me ‘Don’t do it,’ while another part was saying ‘Go help her.’

My voice cracked when I said:

W-what did you say?

The lady growled at annoyance.

My battery is dead, can you help me push over there?

An old man, about 60 years of age, rushed beside me before I could respond and said

Help push her damn car!

We then both looked to see if there were any incoming traffic, and ran to push the car.

The light turned red as we got to the car, mainly because I had pressed the crosswalk button 2 minutes ago and this intersection was infamous for taking forever to turn red.

While pushing the car, all I could feel was shame.

While I might be helping her, my instinctive reaction was to not help and be a bystander.

And it felt bad.

It was as if God had given me a test, and I had just failed.

Something to think about as I started to wait out the 3 minute crosswalk light.