If only we celebrated that in North America, would be pretty interesting to see ‘friendship’ chocolate and the like.

So it’s Valentine’s again.

I’ll be participating in SAD (single awareness day) again this year – not disappointingly.

In the last few months friends around me have experienced many relationships. Some ending, some fleeting, some starting and some hoping.

Really, just a whole mess.

I don’t think I’ll be wanting a significant other anytime soon.

The experience of dating, heart break, anticipation, acting, and general relationship events is probably very nice and useful for the future (future relationships and social outings), but I wonder if they are necessary needs or ‘necessary needs’ (like packing 4 types of shoes for a 3 days camp, I’m looking at you Pre-IB camp). Can’t I just learn this when I do actually start dating?

Also, the longevity of relationships of people my age is usually pretty short. Just recently I’ve seen 2 last less than a week. I’ve also seen half a year, 3 months and 2 years. Sadly, not everyone gets the 2 years of fun. A lot end before half a year.

Doesn’t seem like a good long-term investment for me. I rather invest my time, feelings and spirit into other activities.

Things like school, health and games (let’s call it an online social life) are higher up on the list of needs than a romantic relationship.

Doesn’t mean I don’t value such a thing, it’s just I see a better thing to spend my time on. No use actively pursuing something that doesn’t give as much as I could get doing another thing. It sounds really cold, but I’ve only got so long to live, and 4 years of that time to spend on university. If I’m not using my time well, why am I even using it?

Relationships are still nice. Past ones have been quite rewarding.

Fluttering feelings, warm touches and thoughtful expressions.

The last few months I started to feel lonely due to the amount of relationships around me forming. But as I watched them slowly fall apart, I realized that while I long for a romantic relationship, it’s not something that I need. Needs and wants belong on separate lists. I need food to live, I don’t need a romantic relationship right now. Even though I might be feeling a bit of longing for someone again, it’s not anything new.

A little bit of love is healthy enough. Something to long for. A goal to reach. A destination to arrive at.

And a little bit of sugar to help you get there.

Happy Valentines day, everyone.