I’ve heard so much about this person.

So much praise.

So much glory.

So much honor.

For someone who never gives them out genuinely.

I interacted with them once, before I was notified of their achievements.

Some time has passed since I had become informed – my temptation needed to be cured.

Today was the day the doctors prescribed me the medicine, sadly it wasn’t what I was expecting.

At first it was just slight annoyance.

Somehow they were rubbing me the wrong way with every instance of communication.

I set that aside.

Chalked it up to good old culture.

Cross continental misunderstandings happen very, very often.

Easy. Put that behind me and move on.

Generally, I could see why the words were sung.

Similar personality, similar attitude.

I could mistaken them for twins, expect for the glaring difference.

I was warming up to this twin.

But I would never get too close.

Something about their whole image bothered me.

As if something… was off.

I never could figure out what.

But today I did.

And there was nothing one could do to redeem the respect lost.

When you fake something, make sure of the following:

1. You’re actually trying to fake it.

2. You don’t reveal that you’re faking it multiple times.

3. You don’t start out a friendship with a lie.

Because if you do, and then you get caught….

You’re not going to get any respect and trust from people.

Yes, all the praise sung and given become worthless at your actions.

Judge people not by their words, but by their actions.

As thing are easy to say, but hard as hell to do.

I’m sorry, dear.

I can’t have fun with such a person.

Who fakes such a simple, get crucial thing?

The script says I should make my exit now, and it’s correct.