As the new month begins, and as today ends, summer break comes to a close.

A new school year, at a new school.

How I’ve missed all of this.
Summers great.

Free time, no deadlines, no curfew, no more damn rain (or just less of it).

It feels wonderful to have no burdens to carry

Typically, I enjoy the summer break.

It means a lot more gaming time. More maplestory, more mabinogi, more Elsword, more everything.

But in this particular summer, all I had was a feeling of ‘less’.

Less friends to see.

Less conversations to have.

Less social outings.

Less joy.

Less fun.

More gloom.

School had become my access to social interaction. Going to school was synonymous with hanging out with friends.

Classtime was fun time.
Home time was alone time.

It was a good balance.

But with summer, all I had was alone time. On occasion a social gathering. Once every two weeks or so, was the average.

Gaming was still fun for me.

However league has changed muh of the way I feel towards good old RPG grinding.

No longer can I sit down and play nonstop for 6+ hours.

I no longer enjoy solo play.

Slow action begins to bore me.

League has changed a lot of what I used to think I liked in games.

This alone made summer felt boring.

I no longer had the urge to play games with random strangers and make friends.

No longer will I meet a Casey, Ian, Michael, Jyle, Kim, Cindy and Ai through such means.

That hurt.

I noticed too late.

Too late to jump into a random game and play.

Too late to stop relying on real life friends to introduce me.

And much too late to find a new game of interest.

School starts tomorrow.

This new school contains less than 5 friends I normally talk to.

That’s better than a nothing.

But sometimes repitition is a bad, bad thing.

And I’m not exactly the most out going person.

Time to use the advice I’ve been give , and hopefully complete that checklist.

Well, maybe not all of it.