Today was a day in which I said those two words a bit more than I ever will.

Less that I ever should but, definitely more than I ever will.

SFU orientation was today.
It was better than I expected. Then again, I didn’t really expect much.

I thought it was going to be day 1 of NSLC, with the fun replaced with walking.

But hey, it was interesting.

Well, only the ending was interesting.

Blake, eh.

The Maplestory character who always wished he was a singer.

The similarities are quite similar.

A ‘Thank You’ phone call, is a pretty interesting idea. I’ll do it someday.

That day seems pretty far though.

I sent off his suggestion.

I really did only get two types of replies.

‘Your welcome’ and ‘What?’

Too bad none of them were ‘For what?’

It was really just the answer I wanted.

But things don’t always go as planned.

You can’t always hope for your desired solution.

The desired solution is only the byproduct of the courage placed inside yourself to finish the journey.

Well, thanks.

For giving me a chance to try it.

Sorry though, I failed.