I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen in at least 5 years the other day.
She’s finished with school, but is having troubles with the job side of life.
I thought highly of her before, but hearing that lowered it a bit.
And I felt bad for feeling that way.
A little less respect.
A little more disrespect.

She told me some things about university. Typical things, you know?
Organize your time.
Apply for internships.
Visit your teachers during their hours.

Then there were social tips.
And I came back to a feeling of respect.
Even if they were unsuccessful at their current moment, I could disrespect someone with more knowledge and experience than me.

She gave me a checklist of things to improve on.

Her number one item is:
[ ] Get better at hugging girls.

How the heck am I suppose to do that.