In an alternate universe, the alphabet would be backwards.

Z to A, not A to Z.

English would be a dying language,

With a total of 100 speakers remaining.

Apple would only make software,

Microsoft would be a technology company.


In an alternate world,

U would be with I.

I would have spoken up,

Defied my captors,

and ‘followed the heart’.


Things would be different,





My eyes would be 20/20

No need for glasses

to reveal the world.


I would be brave,



All the traits I’ve wished for

finally bestowed upon me.


And after a hard day’s work

I will come home,

yell ‘Honey, I’m home!’

walk upstairs,

and take a shower.


I would carefully squeeze

the bottle

and mix the contents with

my bright blonde hair.


My muscles would ache,

complaining about the weights

that were lifted.

Events of the past now,

that had affected the present.

Not much of a thought,

would I give such a topic.


Unimportant to my work,

my family,

or myself.

Why continue on?

I would think as I

stepped out into the open.


My blue eyes would face the glasses,

decorated with my birthstone.

Dark brown eyes would face

my blue eyes.


A brief moment of silence as I chuckled.

I had become the me I wanted

to become.

But in the process,

I no longer was