I think this is a good as time as ever.

Originally planned to do one year every day, then I’d finish on Friday, which apparently was the day of Report Cards (falsely told to me by a friend), but that didn’t turn out so well because I didn’t want to write anything yesterday.

And then report card  day is actually on Thursday, which kinda of trashes my idea.

Well it’s okay. I guess I can go to Saturday, that assumes I even write one a day.


First class of the day, not counting this ‘home room’ thing. Was ‘Applied Skills’. Sounds like something that wouldn’t be fun.

Andddddddddddddd I was late.

To my first damn day.

Of fucking class.


Walked into a room that seemed like it lacked lightbulbs, but then again, it seemed much more spacious than the homeroom I had just been in.

I vaguely remember looking around, and to my dismay only finding one seat available within my line of sight. The one empty seat, in the second last row, on the far right side of the class.

I didn’t see anyone familiar within a 5 seat radius of me, but I could hear Sean, Yuchen, Winnie, Yomi, Sylvia and Vanessa. But to be honest, I really only cared about Sean & Yuchen. I didn’t really even talk to the girls, and still don’t talk much to them now. Ironically, the one I disliked the most in Grade 7 due to an unfortunate series of events (reference !!!!!) turned out the be the one out of the four that I talk to the most, which still isn’t a lot.

So… on my right I had the fabulous dim small room with a locked door. Behind me I had the pristine tap. In front I had some slightly chubby male who I didn’t know, and to my left I had a guy I didn’t know either.

Great. I was completely trapped in a sense of unbelonging (if that isn’t a word, now it is), and the two seemed to know each other quite well. They both also seemed to play this game… ‘SF’ they called it.

What was that, I wondered. It wasn’t Maplestory, and therefore not something that I really played.

Must not be fun.

I’m not sure how long I spent in that class sitting in that corner. Occasionally, the one on the left would try to include me in their discussion, the one in front didn’t seem to mind, but he didn’t seem to try either. That obviously didn’t turn out well, considering those two are Cory and Aaron. Aaron also is now super fit. dat badminton.

Skipping some days, I ended up in a Science 8 class beside Sean and some guy.

Turns out Sean liked to say things, and it was eventually revealed that I owned a copy of the new Artemis Fowl book. I don’t remember the name of it, but I think the cover was green.

The guy wanted to borrow it, and grudgingly I accepted (without much of an internal fight, I might add). Some part of me didn’t trust this guy, nor anyone in this class besides Sean & Yuchen. I half expected to never receive my book again, but a little part of me didn’t care too much. Some years later, that guy turns out to become a trusted friend. Funny how life works.

The first time I realized Alexander was in Middle Years, was one of the most mixed feelings I’ve ever had.

I would have had similar, but less mixed feelings about William X, but I already knew he was in MY.

Partially wanting to drop out of MY and partially happy that I knew someone else in this lonesome world that was my school life, I begrudgingly accepted the typical Alexander-like gibberish as I nodded.

To my surprise I discovered that a previous Elementary bully, had ended up in this class for ‘gifted’ students. But I shouldn’t have been surprised, I already knew this program accepted some not-so-gifted students, like myself, and rejected the actual gifted ones, like Alek. Instant dislike for this boy, as he did cause one of my greatest friends, Bill, to suffer a year of constant bullying/annoyance. When confronted, he declared he does not remember such events happening.  Damn liar.

And irony comes back for a second helping, as 5 years later, this guy is a pretty close friend. Though a pretty large pedophile,  still a friend.

I still used to walk to my mom’s office instead of bussing home. It’s one of the things I really sincerely miss these days, walking home with a group of 8-10 people and chatting along the way. Sometime down the line I met Wayne through all this walking. Then Rose too. The Earth turns out to be quite a small world as both of these people end up on my list of ‘Want To Get Close To’ and also end up being taught by the same violin teacher.

It’s a small world after all. (reference~)

One thing led to another, and I really wanted to get at least one person off my list. Somehow the bully was this guy’s primary ‘new’ friend, and they walked home together. I always tried to walk with them, usually running to my locker to pack up before they did. It took quite a long time before they accepted me as a person in the group, and would wait for me. Looking back, it felt really desperate of me, but what can I say, it wasn’t that bad.

Captain Woo, as we liked to call him, made up half of the required 15 males in MY, and made up half of the additional  female in MY. When coupled with Eugene, they made a full male, and a full female, bringing the MY count to a beginning total of 16 females to 13 males, and then to the eventual 14 males we had in the end. He was always really…. I can’t explain. Forced? Klutzy? I’m not sure. There’s some mix of both in our Captain, but he’s still our Captain, so we just go with it.

For lunch, the Captain, the Bully, the random and I, always seemed to have a dislike for the Cafeteria. We would never actually use the cafeteria, and instead would just sit down beside our lockers (because they were next to each other) and eat. We would remark how the Captain eats  at unhumanly speed, and how the Bully’s mother’s cooking was ungodly horrible (but in the end he would always eat at least a little bit of it. Kinda cute).

At the end of first term, we had an unexpected, but kind of expected permanent guest. Ben joined MY, to bring the male count to 14, very close to what it should be. This guy was in my elementary school in grade 3. I only remember grade 3, because we played soccer together (yes, I actually played sports!). And he was a damn good goalie.

One of my biggest regrets this year. It also involved two people mentioned above as well as the one teacher I did not want to mess with, Ms. Greskiw. For some reason, I don’t even want to type it. It’s not even that serious of an event, but it’s still with me. I don’t even remember if I’ve mentioned it before or not, but Ms. Greskiw was returning essays, and just before that we were in ‘chill ‘n talk’ mode. Ben was talking with Wayne, as they were really close friends, and then suddenly Ms. Greskiw tells everyone to sit. Ben’s the only one not sitting, as his seat is pretty far from where Wayne sits. Ben proceeds to sit on Wayne’s table, and Ms. Greskiw yells at him. Unless this is a flashbulb memory (!), I said ‘But Ben is a chair! He’ll always be sitting.’ Ms. Greskiw snapped and replied ‘A chair he can sit on, thanks Kevin. And you know, it’s those kind of smart-ass remarks that really plagued your essay.’ Then she handed back my 80%? 75%? essay as I sat there dreading what I had just said. My regret here isn’t even saying the phrase, but never saying ‘Sorry.’ to Ben for calling him… a chair.

What else happened in this grade?

Oh. I started writing blogs. Technically I started writing them in grade 7, but in grade 8 is where I started to actually like writing these damn things. It was kind of obvious when I compared what I would write and how I felt about these blogs with other fellow MY’s. I remember Mr. Olson saying something that he hoped to inspire us to continue writing these things even after they were no longer assignments. Damn, he got me there.

Oh. This was the grade that I first met Cindy Z and Ace Jyle O. God damn Jyle, he really freaked me out when he said that he was at Stanley park looking for me when I was volunteering for Walk with the Dragon 2008. Even though that event wasn’t even grade 8. I think I fully became friends with these people near the beginning of grade 8 though. I’m not sure. Sometimes good old memory lane is too small to fit all the visitors that come by. All I can find from facebook is that I added them in February 2009. I still haven’t met Jyle yet, and apparently he can serenade me any day. Which reminds me of the song, Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade, that I used to love.

Math 8 was literally the easiest class I’ve ever taken. It might not have been for the majority of my class, but it was a breeze for me. It was probably also the highest mark I’ll ever achieve in any one individual class. 99.8%. I’m never going to beat that anytime soon. But I’ve got to say, I still have some kind of mini-grudge against Claire P. and her 101.1%. How one even fails to drop from that mark (because I sure dropped from 100.9) is beyond me. I also remember teasing Bob. Heh. One of the few moments that I had legitimately been academically superior to Bob in math. Rare, rare times. I think the 99.8% also set me up for future failure. Though that is my excuse for poor behavior.

Once again during Science class (with Ms. Smedley), A feminine voice that did not belong to any girl I knew, called Sean’s name. How did this guy already befriend people in MY? It’s literally the first day. I turn around to see this slightly attractive girl (whom I’ve jokingly said ‘I love you’ quite a few times, each time yet with ‘Prove it’) and this shorter girl. Turns out Sean took Science 8 preview during summer and met these people. Turns out Yuchen did too. Turns damn out that everyone on my half of the class knows everyone else there, but me.

Oh, the forum. My MY (that looks weird) year ended up only getting access to the forum term two, due to Ms. Sale’s leave. Oh, our term one marks (everyone had over 90%) were significantly scaled down when used to calculate our final grade, because Mr. Sale determined that they were too boosted. :( I think it was the highest grade I’ve ever gotten in his class. I remember talking with Carmen L. over MSN (which now is dead) about her fears of starting a thread. That really mind boggled me. How could anyone be scared of starting a thread? What is so scary about that? Oh, I confused Claudius (Ben) with Romulus (Carmen) multiple times before I realized that Carmen wasn’t lying to me about who she was. I only believed Claudius was her due to the signature involving ninjas. I swear she was the only one that ever cared about ninjas back then. Time passes by, and this entire year I don’t think I’ve really said a word to Karmyn. How life works.

On the topic of socials, the Religion project I did with Mary & Natalie W. was an interesting experience. Mary disliked how I took lots of time to do something, whereas I learned Natalie liked Hannah Montana. I had a slight crush on her  then too, which probably made me remember this project more. I remember fiddling with the powerpoint template, because I really wanted something that was visually pleasing. I think we ended up with a blue one I had found. I’d go on to do many more projects with Mary, but no more with Natalie. I also learned that Natalie did field hockey. Interesting.

I tried out for the badminton team and the basketball team this year. I realized the extent of my inability to play these sports, and didn’t try to every join a sports team again (until next year where I tried badminton again, but that’s beyond the point).

Right. This was the first year of ‘long-distance’ relationship (not really). I remember her coming over to Churchill one time, and came with Maygel to where I would eat with Wayne & co. I remember freaking out. It’s not that I disliked her or anything, I just felt embarrassed about having her. It was really, really awkward. There’s only one way to avoid embarrassment – run. And that’s what I did. I probably trekked the entire damn school to avoid her. It was really obvious what I was doing, and looking back, it was really stupid of an idea. Did I hurt her by doing this? Obviously yes, as the jumbled up locker told many tales. How much though? Some part of me justified the whole thing with ‘I was embarrassed’, but that has got to be one of the lamest excuses I’ve ever used. I’d like to apologize, but I honestly think that I don’t even have the right to anymore. Ironically, Eva (big sis) stated that it was interesting and really cool how me & her and still good friends, without the  awkward tension inbetween us. I’m not sure about her, but I sure feel awkward as hell, but sometimes it just sinks back into the past and I feel perfectly natural there. I wonder what she thinks about this. Oh, there was also the anecdote Wayne told me, when she first came to visit, and I ran away. She was introduced to most of them as ‘Kevin’s gf’, and Wayne responded ‘I didn’t know he had one. And I’m pretty sure if he did, he would choose someone prettier.’ There was the typical Wayne laughter/chuckling after that, but it was still what it was. Then he got kicked, I remember him complaining how it hurt that day. I didn’t ever explain either. I wonder if he even remembers that experience with her? I think this  was one of the compelling things about Wayne, he in a way defended what I decided to do, even though it was obviously the incorrect choice. I am reminded of Yuchen’s description of Aaron in grade ten, ‘He’s the type of guy that is loyal to his friends, and would never betray them.’

What else did I do in this grade? I can’t help but not remember right now. Ironically (AGAIN! How many times does irony have to visit before it’s done?) my alias was iRemember. What do iRemember now? Absolutely nothing. What do memories help with, if all they do is chain me down?

I think that’s enough for tonight.

Grade eight is gone, none of it stays with me anymore.

Other than this grade 8 letter where it says ‘TY Mary 4 pen’. This really confuses me, and I have no idea what this is referring to. Maybe I’ll ask. I doubt Mary would remember either.

My letter even says ‘get 3rd job’, obviously referring to Maplestory and Bill and I’s assassin, billni000000. 6 zeros, only two more to match the last year I’d ever get the play on that character,