Internet friends only last for so long.

If there was a success rate for the chance a friend you meet online will become a close friend online and offline for many years to come, mine would be 1%.

Maybe that’s pretty high, maybe it’s quite low.

Maybe I just don’t make many online friends, or maybe I make too many.

Maybe I have a different  definition for what I consider a friend for this category.

Maybe I’m just normal.

I haven’t been able to be normal for a while.

Lets just see here, below I’ll have a list of online friends that I had become close to.

Maybe I’ll number them.

In no particular order, lets go. Actually, maybe in slight chronological order, I’m not sure.

1. Kim

2. Kate.

3. Casey

4. Michael

5. Ian

6. Jojo

7. Kevin

8. Kevin (common name, yo)

9. Bobby

10. Jyle/Ace  (hah)

11. Cindy

(This is where I wish I didn’t clean up my MSN contacts, would’ve kept many more names.)

12. Ai

13. Eric

14. Breezy

15. John

16. Nerd (I forgot his real name, I’m terrible)

17. Coleur (Lets be honest here Kath, I never had used your real name)

18. Bill

19. Noy

20. Oh god, I don’t remember your name at all. I’m terrible. Your screen name was so plain too. ;~;  (Spearman)

21. Kevin (Very common name)

22. Noy’s brother/cousin(?) (GOD. How did I forget your name out of all people. I’m some friend.)

23. Caesar (I thought you were a girl. e_e)

24. David (You’re a horrible friend, you know that?)

There are probably maybe 5-10 more, but my memory is horrible, and I can’t remember them.

That isn’t saying they weren’t great people, or I didn’t have great memories with them.

It just says I’m terrible.

Now lets see how many I continue to talk to now.

1. Cindy

2. Ai

3. Eric

Three out of a minimum of 24. That is at best, a 12.5% success rate of making good friends stay friends.

Even though I know that percentage should be at most 7%.


How many of these friends have I seen?


One out of three isn’t too bad, I guess.

But how many friends have I made through games? Not just these ‘close friends’ but all the ones I’ve enjoyed talking to.

Maybe slightly greater than 0.5%.

And when I compare it to the ones I’ve made through school, classes, sports, and so on….

It’s a depressing thought.