I just realized something.

I’m actually a really mean asshole.

I don’t like sharing, but I do it anyways.

I don’t like compromising.

I get easily frustrated.

I’m very stubborn.

I don’t like trying to understand the other’s point of view during an argument.

I’m not empathetic or sympathetic.

I don’t like helping others.

I’m actually very narrow minded.

I hate thinking I’m wrong, which makes me act as if I’m always right and the other is wrong.

The internet makes me feel like the person I’m talking to on the other side is worthless.

I don’t feel like a dick after saying something mean.

I’ve made people cry.

I cut people off.

I often completely ignore people.

I think of ways others can fail.

I’ve cheated on tests.

I think I blackmailed someone a while ago.

I backstab people.


It’s like I just took everything I really dislike about people.

And achieved that.


Excuse me while I sort myself out.