I’m 17. Soon to be 18 this year.

Technically an ‘adult’.

But what does this number mean? What is so different between an adult and a child? How can one day constitute that one change?

But what is age? What’s the point of having different ages? Why is there so many things based off age?

School, permits, jobs, social pressures are all based off age.

By permits, I mean things like a driver’s license or a credit card. I get that kind of get that logic, the longer you have lived, the more experience you have and the more ‘mature’ you should be.

Jobs, same thing.

Social pressure just differs as age changes.

But school, I’ll never understand school.

School is separated by grades.

‘Grades’ is basically the number of year’s you have stayed in school. Therefore, it’s just an ‘age’ as well.

Although there are the exceptions of people who skip grades, but there are exceptions everywhere.

Students are separated into grades, which puts people into large groups, making sure everyone has a group they belong to.

The people in your group are all the same  age, and most likely enjoy similar things, such as taste in music, gossip, or social activities.

It separated people of different ages quite radically.

Very rarely do I see students in different grades doing things together, and if so, it’s not for a long period of time.

Why is age suddenly become so important? Is 365 (or 366) days that large of a difference for children in school to separate themselves?

Some aren’t even that much older.

I have a friend who’s birthday is December 26th. And another friend who’s birthday is January 10th.

That’s 15 days away from each other.

However, one is Grade 12 and the other is Grade 11.

They’ll never talk to each other, or even find out of each others existence.

They also share  similar music tastes, work ethics, sports, and preferred activities.

Why is school based off ‘age’?

School is a place where  one is prepared for their future in the ‘adult’ world.

In that paradigm, age doesn’t mean anything. Co-workers could be 5, 10, 15 or even 20+ years older than you! They could also be much younger, or the same age. It doesn’t matter!

The hierarchy at work is dependent on how skillful one is, and their work ethic.

If you’re going to school currently, do you seem similar skill level or work ethic throughout all your peers?

Why isn’t school based on that? There would be less dropouts as a group of similar skilled individuals would get the amount of attention they need to improve.

If they’re skillful, give them some harder material.

If they aren’t, adjust the class plan to fit the expectations of them.

It’s not like an average class, where there are a variety of skill distributed in the class. There isn’t that problem of whether or not to review something for those that really need it, or to continue to new material for those who breeze through things easily.

But it’s not the way that classes are done that really bothers me, it’s the segregation between people of different ages.

I’m not sure why this system is used. It prevents people of different ages from really communicating with each other.

And if they do, it’s during a rare occurrence, and most likely won’t happen again.

I mean, my school has a grade 8 and 12 dance, just so that grade 8s can talk to grade 12s.

An event specifically planned for people differing by 5 years to talk.

Because they would never do that in any other occasion.