Is it wrong to not feel anything?
I see them hugging, kissing, snuggling. The things I once.dreamt of doing.
And now, the first thing I think of is ‘this is gonna be awkward…’
Not because of a grudge, or disdain or jealousy.
It’s awkward because I dont know how they feel about it. To me, I don’t mind. I accept it, embrace it, and would support it if asked.
But they both dislike me. For what? For being involved before your affair started? It’s my fault that I know both of you?
I know you would say yes.
All that does is fortify my hypothesis that you dispise me. I’m not even annoyed.
It bothers me how they act towards me now.
I don’t experience much emotion, or at least, express it. Maybe that’s how it is. My annoyance comes not from their disapproving looks, but from my own imagination.
Sigh, nothing I can do about it now.