For some strange reason, I have recently retook this personality test based off Carl Jung and Isabel Myer’s approach to personality.

Personally, I’m thankful for taking Psychology because without them, I would have no clue who those two are, and if they are credible or not.

Two years change a person a lot.

But not what I wanted to change.

I was once an INTP.

I am now an ISFP, apparently.

Two years sure change a person a lot.

I’m now an Introverted Sensing Feeling and Perceiving person, as compared to the Introverted Intuitive Thinking and Perceiving person.

Sensing and Feeling, eh?

I remember myself wanting to be more… ‘mechanical’, a ‘Thinking’ kind. That probably threw off my answers, and changed them.

Answering questions how I would like to answer them, not answering them how I would answer them.
On to the part of ‘Sensing/Thinking’, even though it comes before ‘Feeling/Thinking’.

As I read more and more of the Portrait of an ISFP, I begin to realize that I’ve been like this all along.

How I am today, yesterday, one year ago and definitely two years ago.

Maybe it’s just my mood.

How I’m feeling.

What I’m aspiring to be.

That are influencing me.

My results tell me that I’m 12% more in favour of Sensing than Thinking.

12% translates into ‘Slightly’.

A  slight preference for Sensing.

A preference that can be changed depending on how I feel.


Still an Introvert.

A large goal I had two years ago, was to become more Extroverted as I got older.

A goal I had.

A goal I still have.

Every time I would fail to do something extroverted, and shrunk back into my Introverted comfort zone, I told myself:

I’ll do it next time.

Maybe I did do it the next time. Maybe I didn’t.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is my attitude towards it.

If it was important, I would have made an excuse to not do it, or tell myself “You better do it now, you better do it now!”

But I didn’t.

What I did say was something less forceful, and more passive.

Showing how much I cared.

How important it was.

I guess I’ve come to the understanding that I’m better off the way I am.

The way I was.

The way I will be.