Some time ago, I had afterschool plans to finish an assignment with a classmate. A group project, created to facilitate teamwork, but the only thing it facilitates is frustration.

Well, usually.

It was a film project, not for film class, but for another subject that wanted a film. I don’t take film anyways.

So yeah.

My classmate was a girl. 17, Asian (at least I think so…), smart and cute. Did I mention cute? Yeah.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

While it was a group project, we were the only two assigned to this specific task.

It was fine.

We were standing and discussing things about the project, what to fix, what to improve and what is perfectly fine.

Then we met our first issue.

We had to edit something.

And none of us had a computer, or the actual text with us.

She came to the rescue there.

With her iPhone.

Small,  tiny, iPhone. To edit about 500 words of text.


And just one for the both of us.

Sooner or later, I found myself sitting ridiculously close to this girl I barely knew. Her hair was in my eyes, and suddenly I realized something.

She’s a girl.

I know, I know. That’s nothing new.

But come on now, being close to a female, is not something I’m used to, okay?

I was more conscious  of my surroundings, my position, and how we looked from a third party.

The third party being the multiple friends that walked by, and had to comment on us.

Not what schoolwork we were doing, but if it was something more.

Thanks guys, thanks.

You successfully made me feel embarrassed doing school work.

Such great friends.

So now that I’ve realized I’m sitting awfully close to this cute girl, everything just goes downhill.

I had postured myself with my hand on the bench we were sitting on, and realized, that I was literally touching her with it.


Afterwards, my hand was no longer there.

Many more of these events followed.

After some extra work, we began to start filming.

Her arm was tired, and couldn’t hold up the camera (I’m not even going to question it) long enough, so I offered to film her first.

As you can imagine, I was not entirely on task with my filming. Of course I didn’t stray off task enough to film the endless rows of lockers, or the delightful paintings on the stairs, or even the numerous posters pasted everywhere. It was just that, instead of focusing more on how the shot was, I was more focused on the face before me. While I was dutifully observing the presentation, she was trying hard to be more ‘energetic’ for the film.

It was….




Especially when she was doing the ending. The flustered look on her face as she tried to follow the script…


We finished filming, and began to pack up. For some reason, I had this strong urge to carry her jacket for her. I’m not sure why. It doesn’t even make logical sense. I mean, her bag is probably more cumbersome and heavier, while she probably wants to wear her jacket for the colder weather outside.

At least I didn’t follow through with that plan.

As we went on our separate paths (I could have taken the same way as her, which I probably wanted to, but I wanted to get away from such… an embarrassing atmosphere), the events that occurred repeated in my mind. I spent my time walking thinking about different things to say,  and/or do that might have been better.

Then I realized what I was thinking about.

… >///<