Well damn, with mock exams being this week, I’ve actually be studying.

God this is hard.

I really haven’t studied like this in a long, long time.

Get home, grab food (because I need to at least do something) and crack open the books.

One textbook isn’t enough! Having two extra ones open on my computer is pretty cool.

But painfully hard to get used to.

Also, just using the computer sets me up for procrastination. That sucks.

I’ll end up looking at Reddit, or browsing Wikipedia (for God knows why).

Or end up on WordPress, because the logically thing to do when exams are coming is to start blogging.



But honestly, this is really stressful.

How did I ever put up with this as a kid…? Gosh.

Things sure have changed.

I feel like crap though.

I really should have started this… last year.

All the way back in September.

Not January, one and a half school years later.

When I’m about 75% done.

And when universities are about to start looking for results.



Well played, life, well played.