Or is that what you call ‘coincidence’?

I play ultimate.

It is the ultimate sport.

The past few weeks have been quite enjoyable. Ranging from regretful to strange to huzzah!.

Some due to NSLC, some due to volunteering, some due to friends, some due to ultimate.

I used to attend Chinese school. I’m one of those Asian kids whose parents sends them to Chinese school every weekend to learn to read and write ‘just in case’ I happen to need it some time in the future. I was one of the kids that did last minute cramming the night before class so I could understand what the heck happened the previous class. I was also one of the kids that forgot anything we learned the minute after it’s importance was gone.

I met friends there.

Some I still meet, and occasionally talk to (Luke), and some that I talk to a lot (Alex, William). Then there’s the ones I would never, ever see other than in class.

I also used to play games. Scratch that, I still play games.

I used to play Maplestory. Damnit, I still (occasionally, upon pestering) play Maplestory.



That works.

There, I met friends (big surprise!).

Kevin, Anthony, Jojo, Johnny, Jyle, (3 J’s), Cindy, Michael, and Ian.

On a more relevant note, a few weeks ago (5) JVUL (Junior Vancouver Ultimate League) started.

I missed the first practice, but a majority of us missed that, so I attended the first game without a single clue who is on the team.

First person I notice.


Well then.

That’s one person playing ultimate has allowed me to meet again.

It was an interesting experience, finding someone I placed in the ‘never-see-them-again’ category.

The same day, during the first game, I think I saw Allan, someone I haven’t seen since grade 8. He gave me his e-mail once upon a time, but in that time I had lost it before I used it.


I didn’t notice it (incoming excuse) was him until our game was basically over. That’s my excuse for not taking any opportunity in the remaining hour to go confirm.

So, that’s 2 people I’ve met through ultimate.

Small, small world.

And that pleased me.

That even though this world is large, that there’s 7 billion people alive, that anyone can be anywhere at anytime, I can still meet up with people.

Is it fate? Chance? Coincidence? Magic? Miracles? God?

I went with luck.

I came back from NSLC and missed my first game back (I forgot about it).

In came to the second one though.

Then I meet Cindy, someone on the “oh-I-know-them-but-I-will-never-see-them’ list.

Well then,  I guess my lists are all wrong.

But that’s a minor error, I think I’ve gained more.

I accept this challenge.