Delayed Compliment Shower, lets go.

Names: Abby, Ashley, Amanda, Andrea, Madi, Maya, Olivia, Cara, James, Jack, Alex, Obai, Jose , Lucas.


To be honest, I don’t know you very well, or even well.

But that doesn’t stop me from observing (that’s what I do, really).

You seem nice (I haven’t confirmed :c), and very pleasant to be around.

A positive attitude goes a long way in this camp, especially one that broke out from the ‘shy-egg’.

I regret not meeting you properly.


To be honest, I don’t know you very well, or even well.

But I observe (sounds creepy, I know).

You seemed really shy in the beginning, and your volunteering to be silenced for Mix N’ Match was proof of that. But in the end, you speak more than me, contribute more than me and participate more than me. I don’t think you should have volunteered to be silenced; you can provide the team with information, so I think you should do just that.


I understand your pain of cancer, though mine is not as personal as yours. You’ve already shown yourself to be quite strong and possibly even unbreakable. I pray for the best.

Like I’ve said before, I’m jealous of your splits.

It looks like they hurt. Either that or your legs are made of jello. What flavour, and what colour, and from what magically universe do they make jello legs, I will never know.


I have a question, why do you like being called ‘Madi’ (I assume), instead of Madeline? Just wondering.

First TA meeting, I instantly assumed you were a quiet, shy, reserved person. Someone like me. Then throughout the few following days, that opinion quickly began to change. Especially your dancing at the bop. Double thumbs up & a high five.

We, I speak for everyone (hopefully), will indeed support you after this. If you ever need help from me (unlikely, you’re pretty successful by yourself already), you can contact me. : )


To be honest, I don’t know you very well, or even well.

I regret not meeting you properly, or speaking much with you.

You seem to be very kind individual, nice as well. I hope you bring that with you everywhere you go. That is the kind of attribute that illuminates one’s day.


You are literally the most happiest (yes, I just broke grammar there to describe you, an absolute to an absolute) person I’ve ever met.

Also one of the most energetic people too.

Your cancer story during Mr Uniqueness really hit me hard. I felt sorrow, but even more I felt guilt. Thank you for being able to tell us, 3-day strangers, about your personal secrets. That was an amazing move. I respect you.



Can you please grow shorter? Would make me feel better. <3

Your kindness is just as large as your height, as well as your heart, as well as your understanding. Possibly even your basketball skills are comparable to your height if quantified. Good luck in (if any) future basketball aspirations!


The splits!


I remember you saying you regretted choosing gymnastics over dance, but don’t! You possibly would have regretted taking dance if you did chose it, you never know. Your decisions always have solid reasoning behind them, so I doubt the one you made about that is any different.

I mean, I’m jealous that you can do the splits. If you did any more gymnastics, I would probably cry in the corner from amazement/jealousy because I cannot do those.





It’s like superman without the –man part, but instead with a –cool man. Supercoolman. Catchy.

I think.


I respect you.

A lot (it’s two words, get it?).

I look up to you as a role model, for a leader, and as a friend. Confident, sym/empathetic and above all, caring. Our TA group would have definitely not been the same if you were not here to lead us, ‘O glorious leader.

Also, golf. That’s instant major respect from me. Because golf is something I could never do, I’ve tried, trust me.

I don’t even understand why you’re in a leadership camp. You’re basically a natural leader.


I think one word is enough.


Just kidding, man. There’s no words I can think of to describe you. You’re incredibly enjoyable to be around. Funny, kind, considerate, and understands the importance of sarcasm.

Or maybe it’s just the fear of being killed.



It’s not my fault I’m not used to leading blind people around, okay? I may wear glasses, and be partially blind, but that doesn’t mean I have experience with fully blind people! :c

You can’t even begin to image how surprised I was to learn that you’re grade 9 going into 10 (sophomore, am I right?). I was just like ‘Damn Americans, taller, younger, and braver.’


Although I cheered for Spain to spite Tony, I’m happy they won.

You’re quite amazing. Cheerful and a positive crazy. Although I can’t speak Spanish, I can give you some French in hopes you can decipher it. Since they are pretty close.

Je ne parle pas espagnol, et je ne serais pas etudie espagnol. : )


Cheerful, amusing and loves Big Bang Theory.

That’s pretty awesome.

Although your preference in camera brands is definitely questionable.

But you’re still wonderful.


You are Spain.