The early morning, late night of today/yesterday was interesting. Suitemates Nitor and Robert were giving Michael and I advice on getting girls.

I laughed.

Inside, of course.

Somehow it got to the question of something super personal.

The point about the camp thing appeared again.

If I don’t tell me close friends, and family, why would I tell people I’ve meet for 3 days? (Even though I’m closer to some of those people that a lot of people I know. Sad, I know.)

But I kinda said some.

It felt pretty good.

I’m starting to feel this as a ‘life-changing camp’. Or maybe it’s just a temporary life-changing camp.

It feels.

Really, really, nice.

They talked about weed, girls, getting them, questioning me, and my guilt.

Nitor seems like a different person from the one you see during camp. He’s the one with dark secrets, or what you would call dark secrets. He also seems to bit depressed by the fact I’m sealed up. Especially when I don’t tell him something.

It pains me to see that.

Today we started the day with a guest speaker. The co-founder of NSLC, and the anchor for like 10+ different shows. He talked about negotiation. Presented us with an example, and had us in pairs negotiating. There’s a super popular band (eg: Beetles), whose drummer is down (Ringo), and they need a replacement. Negotiation between the band and the substitute for money. I pride myself in being almost able to settle (I didn’t finish) the negotiating at one of the low numbers, 2000$. Unlike Michelle (black girl) who paid the drummer 15,000$.

Then we had a leadership session, followed by another leadership session.

The first one was called Distinctions of Leadership. Just read the 12 distinctions (that are listed in the book provided) out loud and then moved into TA groups.

In there the groups, we discussed more distinctions and stuff. Because most of the group needed to take more risks (focus of the camp, really), we wrote up a statement that we will take more risks, be supportive of each other’s risks, and support each other after the camp as well.

Then we signed it.

It was nice.

I wonder if I will remember the details 3, 4, or 5 years down the road. I barely remember things about grade 7 camp. I barely remember the Capture the Flag game, the hike, the big tree, canoeing and kayaking as well as some on the spot presentation with the group. Oh and campfire songs. I remember the emotions I felt the most when Katy and Angeline were ‘washed away’. It was a sudden appreciation for those two, and how things would be different without them. And how I kinda thought Katy was cute.

If not, here it is my thoughts.

Maddy suggested the idea really, I think it’s because she really wanted to do something to make herself risk more, and it just happened to fit the time. Just like how I felt for Katy during grade 7 camp, I felt the same for Maddy. She’s cute.

She wrote it in her notebook, supporting my hypothesis more.

We all signed it.

I think my hypothesis is being supported pretty well.

Maybe I can accept it even.

Then we went outside and did some teambonding Ninja.

Maddy doesn’t know how to play. So she just ran away from the group most of the time, haha.

Then we had Mix ‘n Match.

We’d choose one person from the TA group to be a leader and do an activity that we did not know.

James went, just to come back, and get rotated to lead another group.


We got Joonsong Oh (Kyle’s relative) instead. Chills.

The assignment was to make a machine, using us, the group members, as parts. As well, we were suppose to included at least 2 of the 3 objects on three separate slips of paper, as well as follow a set of rules.

Our items were: An umbrella (cannot be black), 3 coke zero cans, and a starbucks cup holder.

Problem, we can’t find Coke Zero cans, nor a Starbucks cup holder/protector. So we settled for a Coke can, and a normal cup holder/protector with Starbucks written on it.

We made a can crushing machine that used the cup holder as a on switch, and the umbrella as an indicator of progress.

The important rules were that, 2 people could not speak (I tried to volunteer, didn’t work) and one person was to be blindfolded (I tried for this too. :c) Alex got the blindfold, and Abby and Ashley became mute. I lead Alex around, so eh. I learned more about him. Like how he loves biology, especially the marine area of it. As well as him being only a coming grade 10, when he’s like 5-10 cm taller than me.


Then we had lunch, and went to the Newseum.

The Newseum, as the name implies, is a museum about news.

It was… interesting.

Before getting off the bus, a Newseum employee got on to the bus and began to tell us what they had on each floor.

She made a slight mistake with one.

Beside the 9/11 display on the 5th floor, theres also a terrorist.

You have no clue how many of us were perplex with that statement.

She meant terrace.

Would have been fun if:

  1. Not restricted to 3+ people at all times.
  2. Time crunch of 1 hour.
  3. The 6 floors of glass flooring. (f- -k me)

They had a 4D movie. It’s just 3D with movement of the chairs, smells, and things that touch you in time with the movie. The 4D rat scared the crap out of me. Was not expecting that.

Joon has the most amusing facial expression when he was getting ‘facepaint’ on his arm (does that make it armpaint?).

They also sell some… interesting things at there store.

After that we went to Union Station. A train station and mall combination.

Interesting to say the least.

Got dinner there.

Fancy dinner too.

Ate with Joonsung, Johnathan (let’s just call him John) and Nitor. Obai got food at Chitole (sp?), a Mexican restaurant) and couldn’t eat at the Central Cafe, because they wouldn’t let him (understandable). His uncle was here to see him and he wasn’t hungry so he just went with his uncle while we were eating.

Central Cafe is pretty fancy.

Located in the middle of a huge empty space, it’s a 2 floor cafe/bar. With fancy dining tables and candles on the first, and a bar on the second.

Standard Caucasian restaurant; burgers, pasta, steak, etc.

I got pasta.

Joon&Nitor got steak.

John got a burger.

I paid 20$ (I paid like 5$ tip for a 8$ total tip). We didn’t have enough pooled together because some people (Nitor and Joon) didn’t pay enough. Nitor eventually just paid with his 100$ bill, and took the money we pooled. I didn’t take the receipt. I regret that.

Then we had a 4 hour tour of the 8 monuments in Washinton. (eg: JFK, Luther jr, Veitnam, WWII)

The first few was fun. Until we got to the Korea/Lincoln ones. It was 9pm, so D.C. was dark as hell, and my camera’s shutter speed was going to 15 seconds (CRAZY), and flash sucks. Also, we had no clue where the Korea/Vietnam exhibits were, so we just stayed at a statue of Lincoln under a rock room for 45 minutes in 105 degree heat.


It felt terrible.

However, I did learn something amusing.

Even some of the more presitigous American objects, are made by Chinese.

If we played Rose/Thorn, that would be the Thorn.

I’d like to just mention that at the World War II (Or what I think was the WWII memorial) memorial, I decided to take a picture of each invidivual country/state name that was engraved in the stone pillars. I did it because I thought it was the 50 states of Amercian (obviously I’m terrible with American history, and just history in general). To my dismay, Jack kindly informed me that it wasn’t the states, but just everyone that participanted in the war. It was split between Atlantic and Pacific.

Well that was a nice waste of 60+ files.

At least I learned.

The rest were okay. Just Lincoln. Although it built up to Lincoln, so I can’t say it was his entire fault.

Before Lincoln, some Canada Day stuff were thrown around.

“Happy Canada Day, in the States.”

“Screw you.”

I got real close to Obai.

I made Syrian jokes/insults and he made Canadian ones.

Pretty fun.

At one of the monuments (I have no clue which was which really, I have been guessing most of the time), there was the PERFECT SHOT.

That would only work if I had a tripod.

Or if my body would not move at all for 3 seconds.

Damn my unpreparedness.

At least I tried.

While taking pictures in general, I consciously searched for Maddy in the crowd. I kinda feel like a stalker.

Although I didn’t find her, because she’s usually by herself, but because of the 3+ rule, she was with Olivia and stuff.

Yes, I tried to take pictures of her.

No, it did not work.

There’s a dance tomorrow, maybe then.

But then again, that is with the other like 150+ NSLC students (engineering, forensics, and health&medicine).

Tomorrow is breakfast, a TA meeting, then 6ish hours of community service.

Sounds, fun.

And picture worthy.

Michael hit the sack the second we got home.

I showered while Nitor and Robert were having a social life outside.

And typed this.

I don’t know how I feel missing possible interactions with others to type a blog.


That’s what I am.

Maddy’s cute.

Madeline’s cute.