7 am waking up in the morning,

Still tired gonna sleep some more.

Wake up again at 7:45 and think ohmygodigottashower.

Shower, go down for a breakfast. Food was once again ‘okay’. The other kids hated it though. Food is food. Would you rather eat it in the form of decent hashbrowns and eggs, or protein powder?

Have TA: Breakout (?) Meeting, or whatever it’s called. I get confused, because there’s one called Breakout, and the other is Checkup. I got no clue which is which. Or which is when.

Our activity is called: “F.E.A.R”.

Write down a list of fears.

I wrote down 3.



Disappointing the family.

Then I thought of more.

Meeting new people.


Doing things that may hurt someone directly or indirectly.

The fact that we were doing this as an activity means that we would be most likely sharing them. Scary.

Then we had a leadership session. To risk or not to risk.

Rectangle of chairs. 70+ chairs. One, small book sized wooden box in the middle.

Inside are

Currently it’s about 105 F degrees.

Convert it to Celsius, my dear.

Then we got lunch. Amazing lunch. Boxed lunches from ‘Jason’s Deli’. Turkey/Ham (couldn’t tell, lol) sandwiches in a box with cookies, chips and a pickle.

Also, it came with mayonnaise.

In packets.

Yes, ketchup packets.

Today I learned.

Also, Jason’s Deli must be a good company, it has advertisements on the Lays chip bag. Like sealed on it during production.

They have a website to order food.


Ironically we don’t have internet to order. Or at least I don’t, all the other kids have 3G. Lucky Americans.

Then we had the UMD ropes challenge course.



The amount of swearing that went on in my head will be symbolized with the above words.

I took one look at the course we were going to scale, and was like “HELL NO”.

About 60 feet, so about 30cm*60 = 18 meters, ish.

That is.


I basically just put on the gear, and did not climb.

Got put on the spot by Tony (thanks, not) and kinda went up the course (tried). I made it half way, and I even took the easy path (white cloth ladders). Except the easy path swayed because only the top is connected, which made it 1000000 times harder for me.


Normal college food. I’m not too interested in college food anymore, I think I’ll learn how to cook.

Leadership session, commitment:

Got to the door, read the message, thought “This is a test. *sigh* Whatever, I’ll do it since everyone has to.” Got in the room after being locked out for 20 minutes.

Apparently we just sit there and watched the TA’s sing and dance for a good 20 minutes.

Then our leaders (who we choose arbitrarily and who were locked outside) came in.

They gave us the word. We were to dance down the hall that was made in the chairs we were sitting in. One. By. One.

The other 56 kids watching us.




What’s worse?

My group.








My thoughts: “YOU ARE KIDDING ME.”

I did skip skip skip jump spin ta-dah. All the way down.

Before it I was scared.

The second I started I got into it, really fast.

Got all the way down, and signed something. (I am a ____, ____, and ____ leader. [Only without the Oxford comma, I use that, they don’t.])

Cheered the rest of the groups on, and Mr. Pruitt (op black dude) gave us a super pep talk, and then the TAs, Mr. D and Mr. P went down the hall too.




Just not ‘good’.

Or ‘alright’.

Leadership Zumba time.

Zumba is just like the game.

Someone dances, you follow.

We moved inside instead of being at the La Plata Beach ‘cause of a thunderstorm warning.

After the Commitment thing, man it just sounded fun.

And gosh was it fun.

The most fun thing I did all day.

And truth be told, there were tons of fun things today.

Rachel, I don’t regret going.

I don’t care (that much) about not getting Canada Day events, there’s still independence day.

Allen, I don’t regret going.

I don’t care if I need another 15$ for Pulsefire Ezreal, this was pretty damn worth it.

Even if I can’t dance for crap.

I’ll just take this as my substitute Formal or whatever.

And I’m pretty sure this is better than Formal.

Although, I don’t get anything to gossip about with IB kids from this, other than Americans believe literally every stereotype about Canada. Especially the ones in the south. Oh man, roommate Michael and suitemate (Ro)bert asked me the most interesting questions about Canada.

Nitor showered.

Then shit came down.


Power died.

It came back up, so I went to take a shower.

Just before turning on the water, it went black again.




Got flashlight, and Robert got all anxious and started being a dick.

Stole my flashlight (literally pulled it from my hand while I was basically naked) and refused to give it back.

Was like F**k this, I’m going to cold shower in pitch darkness.

And it was fine.

I finished showering just in time to hear that the TA’s wanted us to move to the second floor because apparently the 8th floor was leaking in areas. Not mine.

Walked down 12 flights of stairs to get there.

5 minutes later, get sent back up.

12 flights of stairs up.

After like the 8th flight, it was fear of heights.

I couldn’t really see, because the windows were small, but I knew it was high up.

So crap.

Eventually Robert said sorry and stuff, and whatever.

Michael showered in the dark with cold water.

But Robert still has the guts to not leave unless I gave him the flashlight for him to shower.


You force me to do a dark and cold shower, and you refuse to even suck it up and do it yourself?

Bad impressions already.

Sad, sad, sad.

But whatever, I’m Canadian.

I’m supposed to be nice.

I guess I will be.