Wednesday started out fine.

Other than the fact that it was the French extended session. Nothing wrong with the langue de romantique, but I think I prefer just English.

That went well. The Galaxie100 sold amazingly well to a record breaking number of one person. Then some well know paire de detective came and ‘borrowed’ (and never returned) my person space ships. Damn scum.

Some work was done in-between the croissants and G(abbot) 4 P(resident), but not too much.

Spent the majority of the day wishing Elsword’s servers would work so I could play and create my Chung before I get my week of internet ban.

So yeah. Last minute packing, arguing and shopping before leaving.

Damn, traveling alone is scary. My already abnormal sense of paranoia increased ten fold, bringing me up to the zenith of mentally screwed. Zenith was going to be the name of my Chung, but then I thought, what is he going be the top of? Being a trap? Playing Yu-Gi-Oh? Being OP? No clue man, no clue.

I swear I was the most awkward person there at the airport. Everything someone thought it was normal to just do, I had to stop, confirm, reconfirm, think about it, then do it. Walking through the security check.

Take off watch.

Take out laptop.

Take out camera bag.

Put back camera bag.

Ask if I need to take out my camera bag.

Leave it inside.

Leave it inside.

I read over my package of notes while waiting out the 1.5 hours I had before it was time. But apparently it wasn’t good enough.

YVR has fantastic Wi-Fi. It trumps YYZ (Pearson), and most importantly it trumps Reagan National (it’s wi-fi doesn’t even work). Got some taunts in before I got on the plane.

Taking the plane by yourself makes you a nervous wreck, or just me.

Doubt everything. Especially if my plane is boarding yet or not.

I boarded, flight AC162 seat 19F, window seat. Not bad.

The only 3 hour flight that changes the time by 6 hours.

God damn time zones. Not letting me have the sleep I need.

Was very awkward on the plane, unable to realize how to lean the chair down, so I tried sleep with the chair at 90 degrees; my neck hurts.

Got off the first plane, and was onto the second. RUSHRUSHRUSHRUSH. My first plane was late by 25 minutes, making me almost unable to catch my second plane which was leaving at 8:15.

Just something to note.









Let’s put it into perspective. I got at Pearson Airport at 7:15 ish.

Getting luggage (which is a story on its own), having them check a 15 question form, make sure I’m not a terrorist, and to confirm that there’s no deadly weapons hidden in my shoes took 45 minutes.

The process of those things mentioned above took 5 in total. 4 of it being the deadly weapons in my shoes.

The waiting took 40.

I was almost late for my plane.

Except my plane was late for me.

A love-love relationship.


1 hour flight to Washington D.C. Strange place I must say. The temperature is almost 100 Fahrenheit, in which I am told is near 40 Celsius. I don’t know if I trust them, but there’s no one else to trust.

Finding where the hell I was going was the hardest challenge of my life.

Realizing I didn’t read the FAQ well enough sucks. It says to “Print out the Airport Instructions and Airport Badge.”

I guess I was short on two pieces of paper. But it was okay. AT&T’s 50 cents/minute saved me. Maybe just not in monetary values.

Called mom on what to do, and for her to check the forms up online to see what I was suppose to have done. Turns out all I needed to do was call them, and that the badge was a method for easier identification.

I called them, the guy on the other end told me to wait at baggage claims 2 and 3. I responded with an “Okay, thank you” before hanging up. Only did I then realize that, baggage claims 2 and 3 were not together, and they were not at either area either. I called the guy again, and he gave me Kate’s number. I called her, and she told me they were at baggage claims 6 and 7, which made more sense. What made even more sense was that baggage claims 6 and 7 are for domestic flights, while 1, 2 and 3 were for international flights. Since most of the participants are apparently American, it made sense.

I walked towards them wondering if there would be any Asians, or would it just be all white people. I’ve heard many stores of ethnical segregation in the States, so I was preparing myself.

When I did get there, the other kids there were white, and the TA (team advisors) were white as well.

My thoughts were, “Ohhhh crapppp… I better not get separated because I’m not white.”

And that’s the mind set I went with. We got a huge shuttle bus (think the buses we used for  Squeah) for the 6 of us that had arrived (overkill 100%). Then standard questions and stuff. Thoughts for future, age, icebreaker.

Arrived, got the standard orientation spiel. Map, lunch, dinner, binder (interesting), card key, room key, and a name tag that we have to wear literally 24/7.

I thought “Oakland Hall is nice.

I got there at around 11, so after putting my stuff in their fancy drawer, I went to go get lunch. Was accompanied by the same TA that brought me to the camp on the shuttle bus to the Diner, which I need to get a picture of soon. The food there is… alright. It’s edible, it’s not horrible and it has some flavour. It’s way worse than Elphinstone camp, and much much much worse than Squeah.

After that I was in the 8th floor lounge until around 4:30 when dinner started. I started to type the blog at around then, and my roommate, Michael Flynn strode in, super late. But he wasn’t the last one to show up, Tyler in the room opposing to mine, was dead last.

We talked, socialized and helped him get ready before leaving for dinner. Came back from spaghetti and meatballs (in which like 50% of the kids hated it and didn’t finish. I for one ate it thinking it was okay, since I don’t have anything to really compare with. )

Got dressed in the most formal clothing I had brought, I didn’t bring a suit because my mom literally screamed at me the other day about it saying that the packing list say “Formal suit OR JACKET” and said that a normal jacket was okay. I tried to tell her it wasn’t, but I got the unbeatable “I’m your mother” argument. *sigh*

Today there was a moment where I enjoyed wearing formal clothing. That moment is never to be spoken about again.

After being dressed, we had opening ceremony. It was pretty boring, to be perfectly honest, I almost fell asleep. If only Mr. P (or was that D…) wasn’t so engaging in his presentation.

After that we were sent into separate areas with our TA group, my TA being Tony. There we did TA group icebreakers (Oh my gosh was the dancing icebreaker terrible. Never again man, never, EVER again) and just random chatting.

Bunch more instructional information after this all the way until 11:10pm, but in-between the instructional period, there came a moment where I gave a fellow participant my mom’s cell phone instead of mine. My family’s cellphone numbers are too similar, dang it. Then I was late for the following rule guideline because I was explaining things to my mom.

Surprised she didn’t mention the straight B’s and C+ in my report card.

I guess that means I’m going to die on Wednesday when I get back.

I’m so sorry Ms. Patton, if I die I won’t be able to attend my EE meeting. :C

Curfew at midnight. After that we better be in our rooms at all times or we get completely screwed. I’m going to just type blogs and stuff until Michael sleeps or until I’m sleepy.

I felt really social stranded throughout the entire period of today. Being one of the 5/6 Asian kids in a group of 60+ white Americans scared me. 0 IB kids, all AP kids. 0 Canadian, mostly American, except for the Cambodian (Nitor and his op name) and the Shanghai girl (Jessica, apparently she knows what IB is). It got better as the day went on, and I think I’m pretty okay with them now. I just pretend I’m in Canada and they’re all Canadians and I don’t feel the social and cultural pressure anymore.

Anyways, I’m going to wake up early tomorrow to take pictures of campus at 7am and get prepared for the session of terror I’m going to face tomorrow when we have to do the low ropes course and the mountain climbing wall.

If I don’t write a second post, the above activities probably killed/scarred/injured me.

I hope to get some good shots. <3

Just a general observation, none of the kids here know what IB is, and seem to play games.

I feel like a super loner.